Driving Impact

Who we are – The DNA of Sesotec

What drives us

Preserving valuable resources and protecting the planet. We make sure that sustainable, high-quality production pays off. 

For people, for the environment, and for industry.

Our Slogan – Driving Impact  

Driving: At Sesotec, each and every one of us is passionate about making progress for the benefit of ourselves, our customers, our partners, our society, and our planet. We are active worldwide in pursuit of our mission to help our customers improve the sustainability and profitability of their processes.

Impact: In today’s world, success no longer depends solely on the products and services a company offers, but also on whether the company can fulfill customer needs and solve customer problems. In this context, reconciling profitability with sustainability is a central challenge of our times.

Our actions, developments, and services help our customers make a difference. When profitability and socioecological sustainability go hand in hand, it is possible to generate qualitative growth and competitive advantages for our customers.


Our added value

We offer intelligent technologies and services for foreign object detection, material sorting and analysis to help our customers design safe, efficient, and compliant production processes.


Our customers

Between the growing world population and rising standards of living, society and industry are facing ever-mounting challenges:

Our vision – who we want to be  

Our vision is for Sesotec to be recognized as the world’s preferred provider of products and services in the field of product inspection and sorting for recycling applications. We seek to realize this vision by delivering solutions that drive value and sustainable profitability, all the while enhancing the motivation and skillsets of our employees.


Our goal – what we want  

Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth in all business areas by conducting partnerships at eye-level. This is the basis for securing our future and fulfilling our corporate purpose.


Our strategy – what we build on

Reconciling sustainability with profit is both a challenge and a strategy. We build off of innovation and quality, partnerships, cutting-edge technologies, competence, and efficiency.

Our values – what is important to us  

As a producer of systems for product inspection, material sorting, and material analysis, we assume a responsibility for our environment and society and make a meaningful contribution to resource conservation.

Sesotec worldwide – where we are

In addition to its German headquarters, Sesotec is represented by a total of six subsidiaries in Singapore, China, USA, India, Canada, and Thailand, and has over 60 sales partners in all major global markets.