Increased food safety. Less waste.
Metal detection with Artificial Intelligence.

Food with a high product effect makes metal detection more difficult

Particularly in the case of food with a high "product effect", i.e. a certain intrinsic conductivity, conventional metal detectors reach their limits. This is the case with meat, fish and dairy products, for example. Metallized packaging has also posed a problem - up to now.

With THiNK - the new software for metal detectors based on Artificial Intelligence - these "interfering signals" can be faded out much better than with conventional metal detectors.

Your benefits

Increased Food Safety

Food processors must comply with strict guidelines and standards regarding food safety. For products with a high product effect (intrinsic conductivity), the sensitivity of the metal detector must usually be reduced. However, this increases the risk of metal contamination in the final product.

With THiNK, the product effect can be almost completely faded out. This allows you to use a high sensitivity setting with which you can detect even the smallest metals. Your advantage: More security against product recalls.

Less food waste

As a result of the product effect, also products that are not contaminated at all are often rejected. Due to the intrinsic conductivity of foods such as meat, fish and dairy products, conventional metal detectors "see" metal contaminations where there is none.

THiNK can distinguish the product effect from real metal contaminations, minimizing false rejections. This reduces food waste and saves costs.

Inspection of products in metallized packaging

Products that are packed in metallized foil have been difficult to inspect with metal detectors until now.

With THiNK even this is now possible. The intelligent software simply hides the metal signal from the packaging and only detects the actual metal contamination.

Product features

Increases the detection accuracy of metals

THiNK works on the basis of artificial intelligence. This enables the software to draw conclusions from very large amounts of data that go far beyond if-then rules, and virtually creates a digital fingerprint of the product effect.  

This allows the product effect to be faded out and even smallest metal contaminants are reliably detected, which would remain undetected in previous systems.

Reduces false rejects due to product effects

THiNK creates mathematical models of the product effect, which is also responsible for false rejects, and thus manages to almost completely eliminate the influence of the product effect.  

Metal detectors with THiNK thus generate far fewer false rejects than previous systems.

Fades out metallized packaging

Using the same method that THiNK uses to fade out the product effect, THiNK can also fade out the effect of metallized packaging. This now makes it possible to inspect products in metallized film with high detection accuracy. Until now, X-ray inspection systems were often necessary for such applications.

The food processing and manufacturing sector is confronted with a monumental undertaking: a rapidly growing number of people must be fed, the supply chain is becoming increasingly complex, consumer tastes are becoming increasingly specific, and the standards for food safety and quality have never been higher. 

Challenging requirements... 

The future of global food security depends on an increase in productivity on the one hand, and a reduction of food waste on the other. A food industry partner for nearly 50 years, Sesotec offers intelligent technologies that make it possible for processing and manufacturing businesses to comply with stringent food safety requirements in a productive and resource-efficient manner.   

…met with innovative solutions  

“THiNK,” the latest innovation from the Sesotec headquarters, is a metal detection system equipped with Machine Learning capabilities. Using AI-algorithms exponentially more powerful than if/then conditions, the metal detection system is able to independently assess and draw conclusions from large data sets. 

While the field of metal detection has seen tremendous technological advancements, certain practical challenges persist. For example, some food products have a high degree of “product effect” and can lead to a high rate of false rejections. AI technology provides a solution for such a difficult-to-solve problem. In comparison to common industrial metal detector systems, THiNK detects physical contaminants with greater precision and proves to significantly reduce the frequency of false rejects.  

This innovative metal detection software from Sesotec is especially advantageous for facilities that process food products with high levels of product effect. Meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products, as well as baked, pickled, or ready-made foods, can all be reliably inspected while virtually eliminating false rejects. Compared with the evaluation algorithms of conventional metal detectors, this intelligent technology proves to be especially beneficial for products with metallized packaging. Additionally, the software in earlier Sesotec metal detector models can be easily upgraded to operate with AI. 

Ensure success

Metal detection with THiNK makes it easier for food producers to comply with even the strictest international food safety regulations. At the same time, this program diminishes the rate of false rejects, thereby dramatically reducing industrial food waste. This solves both an economical as well as ethical problem.   

Act as a Game Changer  

THiNK AI is the tool of choice for food processors and manufacturers who are looking to equip their facilities for the future. Sesotec supports food industry customers in their efforts to make products safer, processes simpler, and production more profitable. Our experts are well-versed in the challenges of the food industry and can offer valuable guidance on complex topics such as validation and food safety certification.

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