Metal detection systems with integrated belt conveyor

Remove metallic contaminants – with individual product inspection. Our metal detectors mounted to conveyor systems provide the ability to detect metallic contaminants in individual products and remove from the line the contaminated products quickly and reliably. The most effective protection for your consumers, your machines and your image.

Metal detectors mounted to belt conveyors are an all-in-one system consisting of a metal detector, a conveyor belt and an optional reject system. They can be easily integrated into existing production lines. Our metal detector conveyor systems are designed to be robust and incorporate hygienic conveyor designs. The modular design allows for custom solutions designed to your specific product and production line. More information on the operations of a Sesotec metal detectors is available here.

That's what distinguishes our products

Easy to use

Highest detection accuracy

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Easy installation

The benefits in detail

  • Multi-simultaneous frequency technology and digital signal processing ensure optimum detection through-out the entire aperture opening.
  • The coil technology utilized in the INTUITY series or GLS, provides for a short metal-free zone, thus allowing the use of shorter conveyor lengths.
  • The conveyor belt control unit can be configured with various reject systems that are designed to accommodate a wide range of products.
  • The Sesotec metal detection system is suitable for the inspection of discrete or bulk products and can be used in both dry and wet environments.
  • The conveyor is designed to provide stability to the metal detector, it is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning therefore offering enhanced detection performance.
  • Our Metal Detection conveyor systems are specifically designed for the Food industry.
  • We offer two different models of Metal Detector conveyors:
    • SANICON, is a custom range of conveyors that are designed to fulfill specific customer requirements.
    • RAPICON, is a standard range of conveyors that can be delivered in 3-4 weeks and come with a pre-determined range of lengths, widths, and heights.
  • Our conveyor systems are designed to meet or exceed the industry guidelines, such as the International Food Standard.
  • The use of Touch screen displays with intuitive navigation provide a quick and easy product set-up based on specific application requirements. Operating errors are virtually eliminated.
  • The AuditCheck function provides the ability to test and record detection performance based on specific QC requirements using an automated process.
  • A password-protected system logbook records all entries and can be exported at the metal detector or can be directly connecting to the company network for retrieval of all necessary data at a remote location.
  • A guided validation system enables quality control to be in compliance with HACCP, IFS and BRC standards.

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