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Checkweighing Systems

For food processors, checkweighers are a reliable tool to protect their brand, to comply with regulations and to manage production line efficiency. These systems provide inline weight control and provide valuable data regarding production tolerances and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

As consumer demand changes faster and faster, production and quality managers must meet their targets, while requirements become more stringent. As a result, they need reliable and accurate production data that is easily accessible and tailored to their needs, allowing them to respond quickly to irregularities.

The Sesotec NEXWEY checkweigher can easily be integrated into any production processing lines to deliver accurate and reliable weight control tailored to your needs.


  • Precise weight control, even at high product rates
  • Helps to meet regulations regarding weight variability
  • Full data security


  • All data and statistics you need in one product
  • Data visualization with availability up to 6 months after batch conclusion
  • Designed to be used in dry and wet environments


  • Helps to protect your brand and meet regulatory requirements
  • Reliably measures OEE and decreases product giveaway
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain


Technology and application

  • Digital loadcell for improved weighing performance
  • Weighing accuracy: down to +/- 0.2g  (depending on specific application)
  • Belt speed: up to 350 Feet/Minute (106 M/Min)
  • Product rate: up to 100 packs per minute

User interface and data management

  • Dashboard configurable tailored to user needs
  • On-screen validation reduces paperwork
  • Data transmission via USB or Ethernet


  • Robust and hygienic mechanical design
  • Components are easily accessible and removable for easy cleaning and easy maintenance
  • Available with three different reject devices:
    • Air blast
    • Pusher
    • Driven drop flap
  • Optional reject confirmation sensor and/or bin full detection
  • Pack weight up to 3 kg
  • Available belt heights: 30 to 40”
  • Available belt widths: 300 mm or 400 mm

NEXWEY is available as stand alone checkweigher or as NEXWEY-C with integrated metal detector to monitor critical control points (CCP).

NEXWEY checkweighers can be supported with a number of service packages to improve performance, improve machine uptime and meet audit requirements.