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X-ray inspection systems for unpackaged products

Specifically designed for the food industry, our RAYCON D+ BULK series X-ray scanners deliver premium performance for the inspection of unpackaged bulk products and comply with all key standards in the food industry.

Via an integrated feed hopper with optional vibrating chute the bulk material is evenly distributed across the entire width of the conveyor belt and inspected with very high detection accuracy. Our devices of the RAYCON D+ BULK Series not only detect metals, but also contaminants such as glass, ceramic, stones, raw bones, PVC etc. As a result, they combine highly efficient contaminant detection with the greatest ease of operation and a hygienic design.

More information on how Sesotec X-ray inspection systems work is available here.

NEW: Discover the new RAYCON family - a complete portfolio for innovative and directive-compliant product inspection!

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That's what distinguishes our products
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Easy to use

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Highest detection accuracy

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Easy cleaning and maintenance

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Easy installation

Your top benefits with the RAYCON D+ BULK Series

  • Conformity & Accuracy
    Reliable detection of metallic and non-metallic foreign objects throughout the inspection area enables compliance with all current specifications and standards.

  • Safety for people & product
    Thanks to highly effective radiation protection and dosed use of X-rays, the RAYCON D+ Bulk Series enables all-round safe operation for people and products.

  • Simple operating
    Thanks to a large touchscreen, easy-tounderstand user guidance and features such as the Auto-Learn function, the RAYCON D+ Bulk Series offers particularly easy handling in everyday use.

  • Hygienic design
    Open modular design provides for easy access to the conveying area in the product zone without tool for simplified cleaning and maintenance.

  • Efficiency in all areas
    Thanks to a high belt speed of up to 1.4 m/sec, up to 13.500 kilograms per hour can be inspected in real time.

  • Reliable and fast service
    With warranty services, a combined on-site and remote service and targeted training, you have optimal support for smooth operation.

  • Our competent sales team will be happy to explain many other advantages of our X-ray systems to you!

Product Variations

The standard model of intelligent X-ray inspection for unpackaged products

The high-end model of intelligent X-ray inspection for unpackaged products
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White Paper

Contaminant Detection in the Meat Industry

Unser White Paper beschreibt einige der Herausforderungen, die sich in der Fleischindustrie hinsichtlich der Produktreinheit und -sicherheit ergeben und erklärt die verfügbaren Technologien, die für die Detektion von Fremdkörpern zur Verfügung stehen.

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White Paper

Advanced Functions and Capabilities of X-ray Technology

In this White Paper we show you the key benefits and diverse application possibilities of x-ray technology and how these systems help you to ensure your product quality.

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White Paper

E-Book: Driving Impact - Safe food and saving food

In our e-book we show you, amongst others, what challenges the development of the world's population and especially food safety pose for manufacturers and processors and how they can still be mastered.

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White Paper

Automated conformity testing processes for inspection systems
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Case Studies

Food producer uses Sesotec x-ray inspection systems
gebaeck backwelt pilz

Case Studies

Safe bread and rolls from the Austrian Waldviertel

The Backwelt Pilz produces pre-baked and pre-cooked deep-frozen baked goods, for the food retail trade, petrol station shops and system gastronomy. In order to ensure that bread and rolls are absolutely free of foreign bodies, the Backwelt Pilz decided, in addition to the existing metal detectors, also to install RAYCON D+ X-ray inspection equipment for packaged products.

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Case Studies

X-ray inspection systems ensure top quality in MANNER products

Founded in 1890, the Josef Manner & Comp. AG is the number one specialist for wafers, dragées, and marshmallow products in Austria. As a leading manufacturer of product inspection technology, Sesotec supplied Manner with three RAYCON x-ray systems to help them renew their IFS certification in 2019. The solution was a success: their IFS certificate was renewed and both production sites continue to operate at the highest level of accreditation.


Case Studies

X-ray technology enables end-to-end traceability for meat and sausage products

FF Frischfleisch AG was searching for a way to fully trace 100% of products subject to complaints. In cooperation with Kundert, the Swiss sales partner, Sesotec was able to develop a solution to this challenge onsite.

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Case Studies

EUROVERDE uses X-ray technology to find the smallest stones in soups

EUROVERDE‘s entire product range is the result of a quality process at the highest level. In the field of foreign matter management, EUROVERDE has been using various metal detectors for years to separate metal particles of any kind from the products.

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Industry Brochures

Product Purity. Leading Contaminant Detection Technologies for the Food Industry

Industry Brochures

Product Inspection in the Meat Industry

Brochure about the production and processing of meat products.

Raycon D M X Bulk Gesamtansicht Logos

Product Brochures


The RAYCON D+ MX BULK is the standard device for inspecting unpacked bulk materials. Pneumatically driven flaps ensure minimal loss of good material.

Raycon D M X Bulk Gesamtansicht Logos

Product Brochures


RAYCON D+ HX BULK is the high-end model for the inspection of unpacked bulk materials. It achieves the highest detection accuracies. Pneumatically driven flaps ensure minimal loss of good material.

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Product Brochures

RAYCON Family - X-ray inspection holistically thought through

Sesotec has completed the proven RAYCON product family and thus offers X-ray inspection solutions for all applications in the food industry.

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