Sesotec Group
Code of Conduct

Our value system is based upon responsible conduct, compliance with applicable laws, and ethical behavior between colleagues and business partners. This Code of Conduct serves to guide us towards globally consistent standards for our actions and decision-making.

In order to secure sustainable corporate success and public acceptance, our company management must be continually attuned to social, ecological, and economic values. We see creating this harmony between People, Planet, and Profit as indispensable to value-oriented leadership.

The Sesotec Code of Conduct is a binding document. It stipulates the fundamental standards and conduct rules to which we must all adhere in order to operate our business in a legally and ethically sound manner. Each individual can contribute to Sesotec’s sustainable and successful growth by ensuring that all of their actions on behalf of the company align with the high legal and ethical standards detailed here. These standards apply equally to managers, executives, and employees, at any place and at any time.

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For questions and suggestions regarding our Code of Conduct and for reports of compliance violations, the following e-mail address is available: