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Technology Centre

Test our systems with your products!

Stay on the safe side and put our systems to the test. In our technology centres with modern equipment on a floor area of 1,200 m², we carry out tests with your products under real production conditions. In this way we ensure that our machines meet your requirements.

Equipped with the latest Sesotec technology for metal detection, X-ray inspection and material sorting, our development engineers and service technicians in the technology centre work on the optimisation of the machine settings for your production line. The flexible design of the technology centre enables us to simulate the production process in your plant and to easily carry out product tests with small or large quantities of material samples.

Flexible for your needs

Equipment loans and approvals

When you benefit from equipment loans:

  • Delivery bridging:
    If you need the product inspection device that you ordered before the assured delivery date, we can help you out with device to bridge the gap, subject to availability.

  • Repair bridging:
    A device or component needs to be repaired? With a loan device, your line doesn’t stand still while the repair is being carried out.

  • Pre-sales-Service:
    Feasibility tests and possible implementations in the future production enviropnment are possible even before buying.

Special challenges with X-ray inspections

The protection of people and the environment is close to our hearts. That’s why RAYCON X-ray inspection devices from Sesotec are designed to ensure particularly high safety for the operators and the environment. Nevertheless, X-ray devices are often subject to strict regulations regarding logistics, operation and maintenance – depending on the industry, country or region. We help you to get through this jungle

Reliable and efficient

The setting counts: from the very start

Physical commissioning
Especially where X-ray devices or sorting machines are concerned, commissioning including operator instruction takes place onsite – naturally after prior agreement on the date. Of course, physical commissioning can take place all over the world.

Virtual commissioning
The virtual commissioning of machines presents itself on account of the requirements in particular in the case of metal detectors for the plastics industry. After downloading our augmented reality app to a suitable customer end device with video and headset components, fast commissioning is possible at short notice.