Recycling sorting systems with chute

Do you recycle plastics or glass? Are looking for an economical way to sort these material flows? Our recycling sorting systems with inlet chute efficiently separate mixed materials and remove contaminants with precision.

Sesotec recycling sorting systems with chute are suitable for removing contaminants or impurities from material that has already been shredded. They sort plastic flakes and regrind as well as glass fragments. Sesotec offers machinery designed specifically for one purpose as well as universal multi-sensor systems for various sorting jobs.

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During the sorting process, the material stream is conducted over the sorter’s inlet chute by way of a vibrating trough conveyor. One or more sensors “scan” the material flow while they are still on the chute or below the lip of the chute in free fall. Depending on the application, sensors include high-resolution CCD line cameras, near-infrared sensors and inductive metal detectors. The electronics assembly analyses the recorded data based on factors such as color, shape and material and sends a signal to the air ejection unit, which removes contaminants from the material flow down to the millisecond with a blast of air. More information on how Sesotec recycling systems with chute work is available here.

The benefits of our chute systems in detail

  • The optimized inlet with extended chute distributes the material evenly and ensures higher material throughput levels
  • The modular design of Sesotec’s sorting systems makes it possible to combine up to three sensors for detecting contaminants: a color and shape sensor, an all-metal sensor and a near-infrared sensor that distinguishes between different kinds of materials. Our systems can be configured swiftly and are easy to operate thanks to a touch display with intuitive navigation
  • The smart operating software SesoDesk with Octa-Core technology enables the parallel signal processing of sensor information while guaranteeing the greatest degree of flexibility, even when it comes to challenging sorting jobs
  • It is possible to retrofit sensors without any hassle
  • Our sorting systems are adapted to the individual area of application, have been designed for durability thanks to wear protection and are easy to maintain
  • Energy-efficient Sesotec systems have been optimized with regard to the consumption of compressed air and electricity


Alternative system configurations for a wide range of applications

Multi-sensor sorting systems for recycling plastics

are specifically suited to sorting plastic flakes, such as PET, HDPE and mixed plastic flakes. Thanks to a modular design, several sensors can be combined, making it possible to sort out colored flakes, metals and foreign plastic components with precision and reliability.


Sorting systems for recycling glass

are suited to separating glass fragments by color and removing foreign material, such as ceramics, stones and porcelain (CSP). They are used primarily to improve fragment quality during the recycling of container glass and flat glass. With the help of a color sorting unit, it is possible to achieve high-quality single-color fractions out of mixed-color glass fragments. Even heat-resistant and/or special leaded glass is reliably removed.


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