X-ray inspection systems for packaged products

Our X-ray systems for packaged piece goods have been specifically designed for use in the food industry and are mostly deployed for end-of-line quality control purposes. They combine highly efficient contaminant detection with the greatest ease of operation and a hygienic design, and they comply with all key standards in the food industry. X-ray inspection systems not only detect metals, but also many other contaminants, such as glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones and PVC, not to mention a variety of product defects. All of this means precise end-of-line inspection and reliable protection against customer complaints and recalls.

X-rays screen the packaged piece goods transported on a conveyor belt. Our special analysis software uses the signals to create a digital X-ray image, which it examines for contaminants and many other product defects, such as air bubbles, too much or too little weight, and breakages. Integrated separation systems then ensure reliable removal. More information on how Sesotec X-ray inspection machines work is available here.

That's what distinguishes our products

Easy to use

Highest detection accuracy

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Easy installation

The benefits in detail

  • Our X-ray systems detect contaminants such as metals, glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones, PVC, Teflon, rubber and glass-fiber-reinforced plastics in food
  • They detect contaminants from 0.3 mm in particle size
  • They feature an outstanding design: hygienic, very quickly accessed and possible to service without tools
  • They provide hassle-free installation thanks to a modular design
  • They comply with common food industry standards, such as BRC, IFS and HACCP
  • They provide excellent radiation protection in line with the German X-ray Regulation (Röntgenverordnung − RöV)
  • They are able to inspect the weight of a whole product or individual product components
  • They check completeness, even in closed packaging
  • They detect lumpy, misshapen or broken products
  • They detect trapped air in tubes and cans
  • They detect metal contaminants from non-magnetic stainless steels and non-ferrous metals, even in food packed in aluminum
  • They enable the simultaneous inspection of various products, which makes it possible to merge a number of packaging lines into just one inspection system
  • The intuitive user interface provides the user with a swift overview and is extremely easy to operate
  • Our X-ray systems work at very high speed thanks to innovative analysis software
  • The “Ignore clip” function makes it possible to mask packaging clips, which prevents erroneous ejection and product loss
  • The AuditCheck function actively assists the operator in process monitoring, thereby reducing the effort for manual logging on the line

Application examples

Product example RAYCON D+

Design and alternative configurations


Conveyor belt

A flat conveyor belt moves the product being inspected evenly through the X-ray beam, which means it is possible to scan products in rows.


X-ray tube

The X-rays are electrically generated in the X-ray tube. They leave the tube through a narrow slit and penetrate the product being inspected from bottom to top as a fan-shaped beam. Depending on the product’s height and density, some of the X-rays are absorbed by the product.


Detector unit

The linear detector line installed above the conveyor belt converts the radiation that reaches it into an electrical signal from which a digital image is created.


Industry PC

This is where the X-ray image is analyzed for contaminants and other product defects.


High-performance X-ray inspection system for packed products
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X-ray inspection system for slim packed products
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