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Knowledge transfer

Training program

From end users to sales partners, staff expertise ensures the smooth operation of contaminant detection and materials sorting in all situations. We offer the right training options.

Changing technologies, growing customer demands, digitalization and internationalization: Development in the industries that use Sesotec solutions is progressing rapidly and creating a steady stream of new challenges for people. As a result, transferring knowledge to the right stakeholders is extremely important.

Our program: three types of training

The majority of our products are installed for testing purposes at our test centers in Germany, Singapore, China, the United States, Italy and India, and they are operable at any time. We regularly offer practical training courses here for different target groups and needs:

Product and application training

is designed for anyone involved with the distribution of Sesotec products. Such courses provide information about Sesotec, our products and their fields of application with regard to contaminant detection/product inspection and product sorting/sorting technology.


Operational and service training

is designed for customers as well as for employees of Sesotec and Sesotec agencies. Such courses provide information about the use, configuration, operation and maintenance of our products, ranging from general technological fundamentals to detailed software, interface and optimization options. The courses have two different levels (basic/advanced) and are available for each of our four business units (Product Inspection Food, Product Inspection Plastics/Non-Food, Sorting Recycling and Sorting Food).

Tailored training options

Do our standard courses not meet your precise training needs? Simply contact us, and we will be happy to prepare a tailored training program for you.


Your contact partner for the Sesotec training program

Simply write or call − we look forward to hearing from you:

Stefan Eggersdorfer

Operating and service training courses for Product Inspection Food and Product Inspection Plastics/Non-Food

  +49 8554 308-2208 


Martin Aschenbrenner

Operating and service training courses for Sorting Recycling

  +49 8554 308-2253