Sorting systems for higher quality and yield

Sesotec is a leading specialist in industrial sorting. We cover the entire range of contaminant removal and sorting from material flows, from a sorting system designed to handle larger objects to one that focuses on the delicate task of removing small particles. Alongside standard solutions, we also develop complete custom solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand your processes and can offer you tailored solutions that best meet the requirements of various areas of application, from the recycling industry to food sorting.

Modular design

Our sorting machines feature a modular design. Depending on the application, we can combine various sensors, detectors and separators in a single machine. Separation systems (air blast nozzles, flaps, etc.) remove undesired materials from the material flow down to the millisecond. Through precision, the material yield increases.

Precision localisation through multiple sensors  

  • Inductive sensors reliably identify metals
  • Optical sensors equipped with high-resolution CCD monochrome cameras precisely discern the material’s colour and shape
  • Near-infrared sensors distinguish between different kinds of materials

Smart signal analysis

The data supplied by the sensors are simply the raw material. The system’s “brain” − namely sophisticated software − uses intelligent algorithms to ensure precise differentiation between the elements in the material flow. Our machines “understand” what the sensors detect. In the process, they automatically learn the key reference values during operation, such that our systems reach their full performance potential in a flash. It goes without saying that the software can be adjusted quickly and precisely to your needs, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The benefits of using our sorting systems

  • They guarantee top product quality
  • They can cope with high throughput levels without diminished performance
  • Their modular design makes it possible to flexibly adapt them to sorting tasks
  • They are extremely reliable and entail minimum maintenance costs
  • They remove contaminants and impurities with extreme precision
  • They sort mixed material flows into uniform fractions
  • They function with extremely low levels of yield loss
  • They deliver optimum performance with user-friendly software
  • They adapt swiftly to new products thanks to straightforward set-up and configuration


Do you still have questions? Are you looking for brochures or technical data sheets? Would you like us to advise you with respect to your specific application? Contact us!

Our technology centre also provides the opportunity to test your products with our systems and machines. You can either send us the material that you would like to sort or you can visit in person.


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