Flexible sorting system for plastic bottles and trays
ONE sorting system for many sorting tasks
  • reduced material throughput
  • excessive loss of good material
  • high degree of impurity in sorted material fractions
  • frequent downtime for cleaning and maintenance

Each of these factors decreases the efficiency, and thus from the profitability, of sorting and recycling processes.

VARISORT+ offers an efficient, flexible, and profitable solution for sorting various material streams.


  • Reliable detection and sorting of polymer types, colors, shapes, metals and foreign materials
  • Material throughput rate up to 8 t/h
  • Newly redesigned machine is optimized for high system availability, quick cleaning, and minimal maintenance
  • Up to 99% rejection accuracy for a high degree of purity in sorting fractions


  • Combine up to three sensors (N = near-infrared, C = color/shape, M = metal)
  • NEW: Optional integration of FLASH technology for best detection of color and bottles with additives
  • Conveyor belt can be supplied by the customer or by the equipment manufacturer
  • Range of working widths: 1024 mm, 1536 mm, 1920 mm, 2816 mm
  • Optional three-chute design enables simultaneous sorting into three material fractions
  • Subsequent sensor upgrades possible at any time


  • Excellent sorting results, even with low-quality materials
  • High system availability combined with only minimal cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Profitable sorting process

Product features of the VARISORT+

VARISORT+ has a modular design that allows for the combination of up to three sensors: C, M, and N. The installation of additional sensors is always possible at a later date.

Color and shape detection (C-Sensor)

Color and shape detection (C) is carried out through a separate camera system, allowing for the sensor to be optimally configured for each sorting job. Innovative illumination options enable economical and process reliable sorting:


Color detection is carried out through a combination of the C-Sensor and the NIR-Sensor. This ensures the most economical solution as well as the least maintenance. This combination is ideal for heavily soiled material with many contaminants and after washing lines.


Color detection is carried out via a separate LED transmitted light unit, enabling excellent object detection as well as highly accurate color differentiation in transparent materials. This solution is ideal for sorting applications requiring precise color sorting with only minimal debris and labels.


Both a top light and a transparency unit are used for color detection, combining the advantages of both systems. A special lighting and camera device is installed, enabling the system to recognize even the most challenging materials, such as difficult-to-distinguish colors (e.g. opaque, opaque white, silver, and light gold) and functional materials (e.g. barrier bottles, additives, TiO2).

Metal detection (M-Sensor)

The Sesotec all-metal sensor (M) reliably detects even the tiniest metallic contaminants, regardless of their magnetic properties.

Polymer type detection (N-Sensor)

The Sesotec NIR-Sensor (N) makes use of high-resolution spectral analysis, setting the standard for precise differentiation of plastic compounds. In addition to reliably identifying container materials (e.g. PET), the NIR-Sensor also detects labels (e.g. PET+PVC) and specialty materials (e.g. PET-G, PET trays, flame retardants, LDPE, and HDPE). As a static sensor with no rotating parts, there is no risk of mechanical wear.

Additional features

  • VARISORT+ is operated via touchscreen with intuitive controls that allow for quick and easy configuration. The intelligent operating software SesoDesk uses Octa-Core technology to carry out parallel signal processing of all sensor data, enabling the greatest possible flexibility even in the most challenging sorting jobs.

  • The optimal synchronization between conveyor belt and air eject system with the integrated high-speed valves ensure reliable separation of the different fractions. An integrated reservoir of treated and compressed air keeps the valves fully operational at all times. The entire system is fine-tuned according to optimum values for air pressure and energy usage.

  • With optional VISUDESK visualization software, you can see all process and usage data from your Sesotec sorting and metal detection devices in one comprehensive dashboard. This is possible by means of an OPC UA machine communication protocol implemented in each device as well as your company server. The browser-based interface is accessible both on desktop and mobile.

    This dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your entire sorting line as well as information about specific groups of devices, enabling you to quickly create equipment configurations and automate product changes.

    Seamless backwards compatibility is possible via established VISUTEC protocols. Customizable e-mail and text alerts keep you informed about critical developments in the machine status.

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