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News (Status February/March 2024)

Progress on the Sesotec construction site: work is in full swing  

Since earthworks began in November 2023, there has been continuous progress on the construction site of Sesotec's new production and storage hall. Important milestones were reached in February and March 2024 .

In his capacity as Managing Director of Sesotec Immobilien GmbH, Stefan Feldmeier confirms: "The way things are progressing on the construction site, Sesotec remains on course to complete the new plant as planned." 

We look forward to the next phases of the construction process and will of course keep you up to date! This much is certain: there will be much to report in the coming weeks and months as our vision of a sustainable production site as a #NewLevelFactory becomes reality.

The new building of Sesotec is an excellent example of resource conservation par excellence. Through a minimalist architectural design that interferes as little as possible with the natural terrain, it harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. In addition, the building features an innovative energy management concept based on a combination of photovoltaic and geothermal energy, completely avoiding the use of fossil fuels.  

Through these measures, the new building makes a significant contribution to the energy transition and climate protection. In addition, a water recovery system is installed, which further increases the sustainability of the building and significantly reduces water consumption.

Facts, figures and data

Sesotec Factory 2
Innovationsring 1
94513 Schönberg/Saunstein

Transport connection via the B85 exit Schönberg
Industrial area Saunstein

  • Planned size of the hall in square metres: Construction phase 1 with 12,500m²
  • Maximum production capacity that can be achieved in the hall: Volume of 140 million euros
  • Number of employees who will work there: 190 at the beginning of 2025, 230 at the beginning of 2027
  • Departments that will move into the new building: Manufacturing and Assembly Product inspection, engineering, planning, work preparation, Disposition, Service

Equipment features and functions of the production hall, such as special machines or technological equipment:

  • Complete Metal processing Laser - folding - welding - surface treatment
  • 21 assembly lines for individual / small batches incl. Prototyping and acceptance of explosion-proof systems

  • Construction method: Steel-concrete or wood-concrete hybrid
  • Building materials used:
    • Glass fronts let a lot of light into production halls and offices. The view out of the assembly halls into nature is unobstructed.
    • Wood for a pleasant indoor climate and acoustics
  • Facade cladding with so-called "meander sheet", which protects against glimpses and direct sunlight

  • Start of construction: Autumn 2023
  • Completion of construction phase 1: end of 2024
  • Planned start of production: early 2025
  • The implementation of all possible further expansion stages is expected to last until the year 2030

Estimated Total cost of the project: tens of millions of euros

One of the most important points was to use as few terrain resources as possible. The building integrates into the landscape and the existing conditions are interfered with as little as possible. In addition, innovative energy management was a particular concern during the planning process. With the use of geothermal energy and photovoltaics without fossil fuels, this issue and the ecological footprint are solved in a way that is generation-friendly.

Comprehensive Land-use plan incl. geological expertise, environmental reports, flood calculations and noise protection

As far as the existing location in Saunstein is concerned, there are already plans for modernisation, which are also being implemented step by step.

Stefan Feldmeier
Managing Director Sesotec Immobilien Verwaltung GmbH

Clemens Vyzina
Architect and Managing Director MPS Bauplanung

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