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For the development of the new RAYCON generation, we had one major focus: your priorities. In-depth analysis and customer interviews revealed six main requirements for foreign object detection. With this as our basis, we intensively researched possible solutions. Thus, the Sesotec 6 Priority Concept was born as a way to offer practical answers to your challenges.
For safe and highly efficient X-ray inspection.

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Conformity & accuracy

Reliable detection of various foreign bodies throughout the entire inspection area is a requirement for achieving conformity with all of the most common food safety standards and guidelines like BRC, IFS and HACCP.

  • RAYCON X-ray inspection systems offer detection accuracy from 0,3 mm and therefore exceed the IFS requirements for stainless steel (0.8 mm). The bottom-up technology eliminates dead angles in the inspection of tall products.
  • Achieve optimal product traceability with a seamless logbook and the option of image archiving (Insight.NET and INTERLINK)
  • All RAYCON devices are UL/CSA certified and approved for use in the USA and Canada.


Safety for people & products

Our RAYCON systems help you avoid recalls due to foreign bodies, protecting your brand from image damage. Thanks to highly effective radiation protection and precision x-ray dosing, RAYCON devices are safe for both people and products.

  • The X-ray radiation for operators is less than 0.1 μSv/h, which means that the obligation to document the operating times does not apply.
  • The radiation exposure for products is 100 times lower than the thresholds defined in EU 1999/2/EG.
  • Opening the cover automatically deactivates the x-ray beam and pneumatic system's air is de-energized, eliminating the air pressure in the pusher for extra safety.
  • The X-ray inspection systems are completely compatible with organic products
  • Contactless user login via RFID chip ensures maximal access safety.


Simple operating concept

A large touchscreen, easy-to-understand user instructions, and features such as Auto-Learn, the RAYCON offers intuitive operation for everyday use.
  • The Auto-Learn function offers simple and intuitive operation. Employees need not have specific skills or prior experience with image processing to operate the device.
  • The multi-product software enables automatic inspection of different products.
  • 10”/15” color touchscreen with high resolution provide a user-friendly layout
  • Front-end functionality for all operation and servicing (Operation, emptying the rejection compartment, cleaning, band change, etc.)


Hygienic design concept

Open modular design provides for easy access to the conveying area in the product zone without tools for simplified cleaning and maintenance.
  • Suspension system for radiation protection curtains during cleaning help to reduce risk of recontamination
  • Constructed with stainless steel and foodsafe plastics, RAYCON is ideal for use in food contact applications (EG1935/2004).
  • Protection class IP66 in the conveying area
  • Tilted surfaces discourage the buildup of liquids and condensation


Efficiency in all areas

High speeds and multi-lane capabilities make it possible to perform a real-time inspection of as many as 300 products per minute on up to four parallel lines.

  • Expertly engineered and long-lasting core components with up to 200W x-ray source and detection accuracy from 0.3 mm of stainless steel
  • Automatic notification x-ray source is approaching end-of-life (early warning system for planning source replacement service)
  • Suitable for high belt speeds up to 1.4 m/sec
  • Reliable detection of product defects such as broken and misshapen products


Reliable & fast service

Between warranty services, a combination of onsite and remote servicing, and targeted trainings, you have the optimal support to keep your operation running smoothly.

  • Spare parts packages including wear parts ensure maximum up-time
  • Remote service via Teamviewer / Pilot App
  • Customer-specific trainings for proper operation, radiation protection, and service and maintenance
  • Yearly maintenance and product validation
  • Initial installation on-site by a qualified service technician
  • Life-long guarantee for x-ray tubes and detector with the Lifetime Warranty Package

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