Safely detecting and removing metals

Do you want to avoid the risk of metallic contaminants halting production or ending up in the final product? Our metal detectors reliably detect all metallic contaminants und provide protection – perfectly tailored to your application.

Regardless of whether the contaminant − exposed or embedded in the product − is made of iron, steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, copper and brass, our metal detection systems identify all metallic contaminants using inductive technology (see below). They send a signal to the process controls and, together with a separation unit, remove the contaminated products – entirely automatically. Our machines for the food industry are compliant with standards such as IFS, BRC and FSMA.

Sesotec metal detectors provide effective protection against damage to machinery, production downtime, customer complaints and recalls. You can rely on our more than 40 years of experience in contaminant detection and product inspection!

The benefits of using our metal detectors

  • Detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants with extreme precision
  • Prevent damage to machinery and production downtime
  • Ensure product quality in line with the required standards and certifications
  • Protection against customer complaints and recalls
  • Rapid amortisation 

Wide product range with customisation options

Our complete range of leading technology covers a wide range of products, types of conveyance and process steps. Whenever standard solutions do not provide the right fit, we find another way through customisation. Our many years of experience in a variety of user-focused industries enables us to quickly immerse ourselves in your processes and offer solutions that will integrate perfectly into your production line!

In terms of design and development, we focus on making the installation, everyday operation and cleaning of our systems as quick and easy as possible. Our machines and systems also feature a high level of mechanical stability and resistance to interference – quality that is engineered and made in Germany.

Product example: Metal Detector INTUITY

How the systems work

Detection based on induction technology

The detection abilities of our metal detection systems are not limited to iron or magnetic materials, but rather include every type of metal. To make this possible, they use the transmitter/receiver method based on electromagnetic induction. While in operation, the metal detector generates a constant electromagnetic field. If a piece of metal passes through the detector, it disturbs the field. The signal subsequently received registers as the presence of metal.

Digital signal analysis

The software in the control module analyses the recorded signals. It must be able to reliably distinguish metallic contaminants from interference from the environment or the product itself, since a product − depending on its intrinsic conductivity − can alter the signal.

Our control systems therefore use sophisticated algorithms to analyse signals with reference values that either come preset or which are established during ongoing operations. This approach prevents them from triggering false alarms, while enabling them to reliably identify metallic contaminants. If a contaminant is detected, the module (depending on the configuration) sends a signal to the process controls, activates the downstream separation unit, notifies the operating staff and enters the incident into the integrated logbook.

Low-loss separation

Swivel arms, air-blast nozzles, pushers, rejection flaps, swivel hoppers and retraction belts are available to choose from as a means of removing contaminated products safely, automatically and with little loss of material. The specific choice depends on the nature of the product, type of conveyance and other parameters.

Learn more about foreign body detection in the food industry in our "Guidelines on contaminant detection".

Advice and testing opportunities

Do you still have questions? Are you looking for brochures or technical data sheets? Would you like us to advise you with respect to your specific application? Contact us! 

Our technology centre also provides the opportunity to test your products with our systems and machines. You can either send us the product for testing, or you can visit in person.


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