Reliable and efficient

The setting counts: from the very start

Physical commissioning
Especially where X-ray devices or sorting machines are concerned, commissioning including operator instruction takes place onsite – naturally after prior agreement on the date. Of course, physical commissioning can take place all over the world.

Virtual commissioning
The virtual commissioning of machines presents itself on account of the requirements in particular in the case of metal detectors for the plastics industry. After downloading our augmented reality app to a suitable customer end device with video and headset components, fast commissioning is possible at short notice.

Transparency and control always and everywhere

Software as a Service

How can you ensure that your production processes and machines work properly and around the clock? Quite simple: By having all relevant machine data at your disposal. With our browser-based visualization software Insight.WEB (product inspection) and VISUDESK (sorting), you are always on the safe side in terms of transparency, production optimization and control.

Remote Support

Plant availability is a linchpin of your production planning. Whether telephone support, ticket via Sesotec app, email or augmented reality: for every question and incident there are fast, simple and secure ways to communicate with our service technicians. 

Augmented reality technology enables digital elements to be integrated into the real world and thus to create an “augmented” reality. The only requirements are an end device with a good Internet connection as well as a headset and a camera at the customer end. Augmented reality makes service support simpler and more effective, as visual information can be collected and integrated quickly and intuitively.

No question remains unanswered

Knowledge transfer, questions & answers

Your production line is unlike any other. That’s why our service employees advise you comprehensively on the installation, adaptation and operation of your Sesotec Systems. Through various training courses, maintenance and production employees of all recycling, plastic and food lines obtain the knowledge required to avoid operating errors and extend the lifetimes of your plants.

Confident, solid, valid

Checked and documented

A manufacturer validation, also referred to as a process validation, is a systematic approach used by manufacturers to confirm that a production process consistently and reliably manufactures high quality products. This approach is particularly important in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology and food, in which compliance with standards and regulations is decisive.

The manufacturer validation takes place after commissioning and/or maintenance. The sizes of the test specimens of the three most frequent metal materials – iron, stainless steel and non-ferrous – must defined in advance. Particular attention is paid to the threshold values attained. The test specimen is always placed in the least favourable position.

Longer service life, maximum product quality

We want you to be able to rely on long-term maximum product quality. Benefit permanently from the maximum efficiency of your Sesotec machines and systems thanks to regular maintenance by trained Sesotec technicians. With our extensive range of maintenance services, your machine remains up to date.

Of course, we use only original spare parts in order to guarantee the maximum service life of your machines. Our service technicians check all relevant components at regular intervals and replace wearing parts. That means maximum productivity and efficiency in the long run. Regular maintenance of your devices and systems is often an important prerequisite for successful audits. Our service technicians check your device and issue corresponding maintenance certificates.