Purity matters – in the plastics, rubber and chemical industries

Downtime at facilities where expensive production equipment operates in largely automated processes can become costly very quickly. It is therefore crucial to prevent damage to machines and operations from breaking down. In many cases, tiny pieces of metal, such as slough from pipes, are the cause of the problems. Our systems provide a remedy.

Our metal detectors for the plastics, rubber and chemical industries reliably detect pieces of metal and metal inclusions – regardless of the material – and automatically remove them. In doing so, they play an important role in protecting machines and tools, boosting production reliability and ensuring high-quality products.

What is the point of product inspection?

Machine protection: The plastics, rubber and chemical industries often use expensive equipment, such as injection-moulding machines, calenders, extruders and blow-moulding machines. The continuous operation of these machines is tremendously important to a company’s profitability. However, operations can come to a standstill due to the tiniest pieces of metal, which can block melt filters, hot runners and nozzle tools, obstruct check valves or cause damage to plasticising screws and cylinders. It is advisable to use metal detectors and separators to prevent these problems from occurring, because the timely detection and removal of contaminants increases process continuity and productivity. 

Quality assurance: In general, product purity is a key quality concern. In addition, quality issues can arise if metal contaminants lead to blockages in production equipment and cause too little material to be injected into the moulds of plastic parts. In some segments, such as hygiene products, consumer protection represents another argument as to why metallic contaminants must be avoided at all costs. The use of metal detectors can lower the reject rate, prevent complaints and enhance customer satisfaction.

What can we do for you?

For more than four decades, Sesotec has been THE expert on metal detection in the plastics, rubber and chemical industries. Our metal detectors detect and remove all metals, including ferromagnetic metals such as iron, in addition to stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and lead, among others. What is more, they do so safely and reliably, regardless of whether the metals are encased, coated, painted, insulated, embedded or loose. To enhance efficiency, it may be sensible to include a magnet separator upstream to separate out iron and magnetised particles of stainless steel.

Our product range is modular in its design, which means that it can adapt to all specific requirements that various manufacturing processes entail. We have standardised solutions for all process steps:

  • Silo filling
  • Conveyor, drying and crystallisation systems
  • Sprue grinders and central granulators
  • Dosing and feeding
  • Inlet at the processing machines (last-chance checkpoint)
  • Packaging of the finished product (final quality check)


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