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Complete removal of magnetic metals

Is absolute product purity of utmost importance to you? Do you want to rule out the possibility that contaminants from iron or other magnetic metals will damage your machines or contaminate your final product? Our magnet separators offer you reliable protection.

From ferrous metal to weak magnetic precious metals, our magnet systems remove even the minutest ferrous metal contaminants thanks to outstanding magnetic performance and an efficient design. Magnetic rods positioned in a staggered arrangement one above the other ensures a maximum degree of separation and removal. They can be quickly and easily integrated into piping systems and hoppers, or mounted directly onto the material inlet, including for existing production lines. There they serve as an effective and economical stand-alone solution precisely tailored to the industrial sector, type of material, production step and conveyance system, such as free fall, piping or conveyor belts. They can also be used upstream to reduce the load on downstream detectors, separators or sorting systems.

Sesotec magnet systems provide effective protection against damage to machinery, production downtime, customer complaints and recalls. You can rely on our more than 40 years of experience in contaminant detection!

The benefits of using our magnet separators

  • Remove magnetic metal contaminants with extreme efficiency
  • Prevent damage to machinery and production downtime
  • Ensure product quality in line with the required standards and certifications
  • Protection against customer complaints and recalls
  • Rapid amortisation

Wide product range with customisation options

Our portfolio of leading magnet technology covers a wide range of products and process steps. Whenever standard solutions do not provide the right fit, we find another way through customisation. Our many years of experience in a variety of user-focused industries enables us to quickly immerse ourselves in your processes and offer solutions that will integrate perfectly into your production line!

In terms of design and development, we focus on making the installation, operation and cleaning of our magnet systems as quick and easy as possible. Our machines also feature sturdy construction – quality that is engineered and made in Germany.

How the systems work 

Impressive performance thanks to powerful magnets

Magnet separators for the removal of metal are usually installed directly into conveyor pipes. Our pipe magnet and filter magnet systems feature powerful neodymium magnetic rods. When various bulk goods from the plastics and food industries pass over these powerful magnetic rods, the magnetic contaminants in them stick and are removed from the material. The arrangement of the magnetic rods in a triangular matrix or a grid, depending on the application, ensures the best possible contact between the product and magnet. We also offer samarium-cobalt magnets for high-temperature applications.


Easy cleaning with EASY CLEAN technology

The magnets’ cores can simply be removed from the housing with their casings. Pulling the casings off the cores is all it takes to clean the system within seconds. To finish, insert them back into the housing.

Easy maintenance, easy cleaning, greater efficiency!


Do you still have questions? Are you looking for brochures or technical data sheets? Would you like us to advise you with respect to your specific application? Contact us!


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