Detecting contaminants in the production of animal feed

Impurities from contaminants in feed pose a direct risk of injury to animals, not to mention the customer complaints and tarnished reputation that a feed manufacturer will face as a result. We have the right machines and the necessary experience to minimise these risks.

For decades, Sesotec has specialised in systems for industrial contaminant detection. We provide a technologically perfected range of metal detectors and X-ray systems for the reliable detection and automatic removal of contaminants in feed production. Our machines and systems of course comply with all hygienic requirements.

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Why is contaminant detection in the feed industry important?

No matter what manufacturing method they use or whether they produce dry or wet feed, feed producers blend various ingredients – such as meat, vegetables, grain and hay – to create one final product. Every ingredient harbours its own risk of impurities from contaminants, which then make their way into the manufacturing process. However, new contaminants can also arise during production, such as through wear or damage related to processing machines. Contaminated packages have to be identified and eliminated as part of quality assurance to prevent animals from sustaining any injuries.

What kinds of contaminants could appear in feed?

Examples include the following:

  • Objects belonging to machine operators
  • Metal slough in conveyor lines
  • Machine breakage (e.g. with shredders)
  • Plastics
  • Glass splinters


Where and how do feed manufacturers use our machines?

Feed manufacturers mainly use them for outgoing goods. As part of the final quality check, our metal detectors and X-ray systems inspect the finished products in their packaging for contaminants. Containers found to have contaminants are removed. It is possible to inspect all packaging types, although different detection technologies are used depending on the material in question. In certain cases, it may be sensible to include inspection systems in the process at an earlier stage. We have the right machines for any situation and would be happy to advise you!


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