Purity matters – in food production

Consumers expect safe, high-quality food. Most retail chains require their suppliers to have relevant certifications. One key factor is the detection and removal of metals, contaminants and quality issues – the very tasks our systems are designed to handle.

Food meant for human consumption has to be pure and cannot pose a health risk. This is one of the key requirements in the food industry. At the same time, contamination resulting from impurities during production can never be entirely ruled out. Machine wear and personal items belonging to staff are just two possible sources.

What is the point of product inspection?

Certification: Machine-based product inspection has become an integral part of the efforts by responsible food producers to guarantee that the goods they supply do not have any contaminants. Such inspections are part and parcel of an HACCP set-up or a requirement for successful certification under IFS or BRC, for example. In addition, they protect the manufacturer and the brand from claims for damages, recalls and a tarnished reputation.  

Machine protection: Pieces of metal in particular can damage processing machines. Contaminant detectors prevent machine breakdown, production downtime and costly repairs. 

Greater sales: Consumers are less and less willing to accept blemishes in a product’s appearance and the unintended addition or presence of other foods. As a result, separating out those products affected in this way can increase sales.

What can we do for you?

Here at Sesotec, our speciality is contaminant detection and sorting on an industrial scale. We have been pursuing this focus for decades. In terms of versatility and quality, there is little that can compare to our range of products. We supply systems from a single stop for all process steps, product types and kinds of conveyance, as well as for all critical checkpoints in the production process.

Using various detection technologies, our metal detection systems, X-ray scanners and food-sorting systems can detect and automatically remove contaminants and products that do not meet strict quality standards. What is more, they do so efficiently and reliably. The machines are easy to operate and meet all requirements concerning traceability and the complete documentation of quality-related data.

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We are a member of the "SAVE FOOD" initiative

Sustainable management and conservation of resources are cornerstones of Sesotec Group's corporate philosophy. For that reason we are a member of the "SAVE FOOD" initiative. Objective is to provide customers from the food industry with solutions that contribute to the minimisation of food waste and at the same time increase productivity and product quality.


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