Metal detection systems for material columns

Minute metal particles in polymer melt can lead to costly breakdowns during injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding. The risk is further increasing with the growing practice in the plastics-processing and recycling industries of processing regranulate and regrind. Our metal separators efficiently and reliably remove contaminants right at the material inlet above the machine.

Our metal detectors are installed directly before injection-moulding machines, extruders and blow-moulding machines to inspect slow-moving or standing material columns. Positioning our metal detectors there enables you to remove all magnetic and non-magnetic metals − even if they are embedded in the product − while ensuring minimal loss of material. More information on how Sesotec metal detectors and separators work is available here.

That's what distinguishes our products

Easy to use

Highest detection accuracy

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Easy installation

The benefits in detail

  • The detection coil’s two-channel technology provides the highest sensitivity to all metals, regardless of whether they are magnetic or not, even when they are embedded in the product.
  • At the same time, our systems exhibit the highest resistance to interference from vibrations and electrosmog.
  • The patented PROTECTOR metal separator guarantees secure, reproducible operation, even when dealing with high levels of dust.
  • Minute metallic particles are detected even under large mechanical loads in tall structures.
  • Preset operating parameters mean the control units are extremely easy to operate.
  • Our metal detection systems feature an auto-learn function to best compensate for the intrinsic conductivity of the inspected material.
  • The “Quick-Valve” separation unit ensures minimal loss of material.
  • Our metal detection systems can be used with machines from other manufacturers with the help of adapter plates.
  • Thanks to UL and CSA certification, they have also been approved for the North American market.

Functional principle (Example PROTECTOR)

Product example PROTECTOR

Design and alternative configurations 

Simple and easy assembly

The compact, space-saving design facilitates quick assembly.

Separation systems

Metallic contaminants are removed through the “Quick-Valve” separation unit and a venturi nozzle or the proven quick separating slide for high levels of material throughput.

Special designs

We offer designs for bulk good temperatures up to 140 ̊C and special mains voltages. The SAFEMAG magnet separator or a hopper magnet for the pre-separation of ferrous metals can also be integrated. Regarding manual separation and functional testing, buttons are available for custom placement in own housing.


Our systems have visual and acoustic signalling units, a digital event counter and a compressed-air monitoring system.


Metal separator for extruders, injection moulding and blow moulding machines
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Metal separator for extruders, injection moulding and blow moulding machines with coarse-grained material
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High-performance metal separator for extruders, injection moulding and blow moulding machines
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