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Mobile Sorting Platform

Regrind sorting holistically thought through 

In order to be able to sustainably produce and reliably process with foreign material, product purity in the process is the first step. With our mobile multi-sensor sorting platform PRE-SORT, plastics processors have the quality of their regrind in their own hands. The compact complete system efficiently and reliably detects and separates plastic types, colors, and metals from regrinds of various qualities – fully automated and according to the requirements of the production line.

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ebook circular economy 2021 preview

White Paper

The circular economy: Challenges and opportunities for Recyclers and plastics processors

The plastics industry is under pressure. Between climate change, excessive consumption of finite resources, and vast amounts of plastic waste in the world’s oceans, plastics are coming to be seen in a different light by politicians, businesses, and consumers alike. Read in our e-book about the most important factors of a functioning circular economy, especially which challenges and opportunities exist for recyclers and plastics processors.

R E G L A S S 02

Case Studies

RE-Glass helps Hungary‘s glass recycling industry get fit for the future

Foreign materials posed the biggest challenge to the new plant. Contaminants such as ceramics, stones, porcelain (CSP), metals, paper, and plastics comprise as much as 15 to 20% of the total weight of all collected glass waste. To overcome this challenge, KRS supplied a sorting system that meets these requirements.


Case Studies

Futurapet: Sesotec is our partner in material sorting and analysis

In a plant equipped with stateof-the-art (sorting) technology, Futurapet recycles plastic waste. The secondary raw materials obtained are returned to the plastics processing industry. When Futurapet was founded, General Manager Oğuz Engin and his t eam were looking for innovative solutions that efficiently deliver high-quality end products.

Reiling Flake Purifier

Case Studies

Pure recyclate is the be-all and end-all for profitable PET recycling

Reiling relies on sound quality inspection with sorting and material analysis systems from Sesotec


Case Studies

REKIS Croatia: high-purity rPET is used to make new bottles

Reliable and precise sorting with multisensor sorting systems from Sesotec

mission P E T 03

Case Studies

Mission PET – Circular economy needs material cleaning with state-of-the-art technologies

Mission PET sees the circular economy mission in the consistent implementation of PET recycling. The bandwidth for the use of recycled PET material is diverse. However, only high-purity rPET material also meets the requirements that correspond to those of virgin material. The demands placed on the recycling process for preparing the PET material are correspondingly high. Best decontamination and material cleaning of the PET starting material are the prerequisites for maximum purity of the end product.

preview economy meets ecology

Industry Brochures

Economy meets Ecology

Sorting and Detection systems for every stage of the Circular Economy in the plastics industry.

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