PRE-SORT: The mobile sorting platform for pure plastic regrinds


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Regrind sorting holistically thought through 

In order to be able to sustainably produce and reliably process with foreign material, product purity in the process is the first step. With our mobile multi-sensor sorting platform PRE-SORT, plastics processors have the quality of their regrind in their own hands. The compact complete system efficiently and reliably detects and separates plastic types, colors, and metals from regrinds of various qualities – fully automated and according to the requirements of the production line.

Your challenges...

The plastics processing industry has to face constantly growing demands:

  • Rising raw material prices
  • Lack of material availability
  • Continuously decreasing material quality
  • Foreign bodies, foreign colors and foreign plastics in the material
  • Complicated supply chains
  • Increased delivery times

...Our solution

With our innovative concept for material presorting, we help you to produce independently, profitably and highly efficiently. Your advantages:

  • High quality and pure material
  • Economic production
  • Protection against damage to downstream equipment


Our solution for your production 

With our PRE-SORT you have full control over the quality of your input material and make yourself less dependent on external suppliers. Thanks to sensors that can be combined in any way and the possibility of selecting different sorting sequences depending on the material composition, the mobile sorting platform offers full process flexibility. Following the idea of a plug-and-play methodology, the system is ready for immediate use and fits seamlessly into any production environment thanks to its compact design. 

Due to its design in the form of a self-contained sorting platform, the PRE-SORT can be transported from one location to another and can thus be used flexibly and at different locations.

Process variability 
The PRE-SORT offers maximum process flexibility through any combination of sensors and a choice of different sorting sequences. Thanks to two tracks for automated double sorting, the sorting platform also ensures first-class material quality.

Sensor flexibility 
Intelligent sensors for color, polymer and metal sorting are combined in this device. Depending on the sensor combination selected, sorting can thus be performed according to colors, types of plastic and metals, or only according to individual factors. 


The complete solution for the use of regrind in plastics processing 

Due to its design in the form of a self-contained sorting platform, the PRE-SORT is an efficient complete solution for the sorting of regrind and can be transported from one location to anotherthus it is flexible and can be used at different locations.


The VARISORT COMPACT multi-sensor sorting system is not only characterized by its extremely compact design. High-resolution sensors, which can be combined in any way, and state-of-the-art signal evaluation technologies guarantee high detection accuracy and an evaluation of up to 500,000 parts per second.


A counterflow classifier system reliably separates dust and fine particles from the ground material.

Material handling

Standard vacuum conveying units with a central vacuum station ensure smooth material transport via the dedusting system to the VARISORT COMPACT. Extraction can be from bins, silos, big bags or even octabins.

Central control

The conveyor technology and sorting are centrally connected via a control unit. The integrated automatic start and stop function ensures the highest possible operating convenience.


PRE-SORT: Maximum flexibility

The modular design of the sorting system allows the combination of up to three sensors (CMN). Sensors can be updated at any time without any problems.

Color sensor

High-resolution color line scan camera for approximately 17 million teachable colors combined with innovative lighting options

  • Incident light – detection of reflection in opaque material  
  • Transmitted light – detection of transmission with transparent material  
  • Sorting by colors and shapes  
  • Separation of unwanted materials like e.g. silicone cartridges

Metal sensor

Inductive metal sensors for identification/ detection of magnetic and nonmagnetic metals

  • Detection from 1 mm 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Simple sensitivity settings 
  • M – Detection of all metal types 
  • M+ – Identification of stainless steel

NIR sensor

Hyperspectral camera for identification of different polymer types and materials as well as for various special applications

  • Detection of PET trays as well as bottle label combinations
  • Recognition of different material types (LDPE / HDPE) 
  • Detection of mono and multilayer materials


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