Comprehensive product inspection with X-ray systems

Product quality is the number one priority in the food industry. Manufacturers are liable for contamination, and impurities and quality issues can result in a tarnished reputation. Our X-ray inspection systems detect a wide range of contaminants and product defects, protect you against customer complaints and product recalls − and consumers against harm to their health.

X-ray inspection systems detect all contaminants whose density differs significantly from that of the product being inspected, not to mention air bubbles, breakage and other defects. Our X-ray systems designed for inspecting food move your products evenly through the X-ray beam on a conveyor belt.

The detector installed above the conveyor belt converts the radiation into an electrical signal. From this, our special analysis software creates a digital X-ray image, which it examines for contaminants and product defects. Integrated separation systems ensure the reliable removal of impure or defective products.

Through this set-up, Sesotec X-ray inspection systems provide effective protection against customer complaints and recalls. You can rely on our more than 40 years of experience in product inspection!

The benefits of using our X-ray inspection systems

  • Detection of contaminants from 0.3 mm in particle size
  • Outstanding design: hygienic, very quickly accessed and possible to service without tools
  • Hassle-free installation thanks to a modular design
  • They comply with the common food industry standards, such as BRC, IFS and HACCP
  • They provide excellent radiation protection in line with the German X-ray Regulation (Röntgenverordnung − RöV) (< 1 mSv/a)
  • Due to the low radiation energy level for detecting contaminants in food, they can even be used with organic products in accordance with Directive 1999/2/EC
  • Detection of contaminants such as metals, glass, ceramic, stones, raw bones, PVC, Teflon, rubber and glass-fibre-reinforced plastics in food
  • Completeness check, even in closed packaging
  • Detection of lumpy, misshapen or broken products
  • Detection of trapped air in tubes and cans
  • Detection of metal contaminants from non-magnetic stainless steels and non-ferrous metals, even in food packed in aluminium
  • They work at very high speed thanks to innovative analysis software
  • They enable simultaneous inspection of various products, which makes it possible to merge a number of packaging lines into just one inspection system
  • The intuitive user interface ensures a swift overview and extremely easy operation for the user
  • They have an ethernet connection for transmitting data and performing remote maintenance, as well as a USB socket for storing images, backing up products and updating software
  • They have various inlets and outlets for connecting fill-level indicators, external signalling units etc.

Leading technology for end-of-line detection

Our portfolio of X-ray inspection systems comprises leading technology in end-of-line detection. If our standard solutions are not the right fit for your needs, we find another way through customisation. Our many years of experience in a variety of user-focused industries enable us to quickly immerse ourselves in your processes and offer solutions that will integrate perfectly into your production line! 

In terms of design and development, we focus on making the installation, operation and cleaning of our X-ray inspection systems as quick and easy as possible. Our machines also feature sturdy construction – quality that is engineered and made in Germany. any.

Product example RAYCON D


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