What suppliers need to know

Strong, reliable partners are the first step in our value chain. They are extremely important to our company’s ­competitiveness.

We like long-term partnerships with creative, cost-conscious, quality-driven and innovative suppliers and service providers. At the same time, we are always open to new potential business partners.

Our procurement programme

  • Assembled printed circuit boards
  • Welded assemblies
  • Custom-built parts
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Camera systems
  • X-ray sources
  • Drum motors
  • Conveyor belts

Sesotec purchases these and many other products, as well as services and indirect material.

Our purchasing philosophy

The performance of our suppliers impacts our competitiveness. As a result, it also plays a key role in our company’s success. This is why supplier management is an important issue to us. We regard identifying, qualifying and developing the “right” partners as a top priority. 

We are looking for strong suppliers that pride themselves on the following:

  • Delivery reliability (adherence to delivery dates and quantities)
  • Capacity for innovation
  • Cost responsibility
  • Quality responsibility
  • Expertise with regard to processes, development and manufacturing
  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainability
  • Cooperation

Responsibility for our employees, society and natural resources are key concerns at Sesotec. We expect suppliers to share these principles and comply with the applicable laws. In addition to the general terms and conditions that govern purchasing and a mutual confidentiality agreement, a code of conduct therefore also forms an integral part of all purchasing agreements (see Downloads).


Entry in the supplier database

Do you feel that your company fits our description? Do you think that you could offer us added value? If so, we would be delighted if you introduced yourself!

The best way for you to do this is by creating an entry in our supplier database – it will give us a good idea of your company and the opportunity to potentially get in contact. To register, please complete our questionnaire (Supplier Self-Assessment) and send the document by email to einkauf@sesotec.com. Please be sure to provide complete and accurate information. We will of course treat all data as confidential, and we will not share it with third parties.


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Supplier documents

Supplier self-assessment
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Supplier documents

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