Metal detection systems with integrated conveyor belt

Safely free of metallic contaminants – piece by piece. Our tunnel metal detectors for conveyor belt use enable you to detect metallic contaminants in piece goods and separate out affected products quickly and reliably. The most effective protection for consumers, your machines and your image.

Metal detectors with integrated conveyor belt are all-in-one systems consisting of a tunnel metal detector, a conveyor belt and optional reject mechanisms. They can be integrated without issue into existing production lines. Our systems provide robust and hygienic conveyor belt technology, together with ultra-precise metal detection and extremely easy handling. The modular design allows for custom solutions tailored to you and your products. More information on how Sesotec metal detectors work is available here.

That's what distinguishes our products

Easy to use

Highest detection accuracy

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Easy installation

The benefits in detail

  • Multi-simultaneous-frequency technology and digital signal processing ensure optimum detection across the entire tunnel area.
  • The coil technology of the INTUITY series or GLS, with an extremely short metal-free zone, allows for the use of very short conveyor belt lengths.
  • The conveyor belt control unit with “stop-on-detection” function and various separation systems during the metal detection process facilitate use with a wide range of products.
  • The compact metal detection system is suitable for the inspection of piece goods with load capacity up to 50 kg and for use in dry and wet areas.
  • The stable, open design made from stainless steel allows for wiring in compliance with hygiene requirements and guarantees top scanning sensitivity.
  • We offer conveyor belts designed specifically for use in the food industry.
  • Hygienic design
    • Bevelled edges so water can drain off
    • Open profile (no round tubes)
    • No dead zones where dust and dirt can collect
  • Our systems therefore meet industry guidelines, such as the International Food Standard.
  • Touch displays with intuitive navigation enable you to configure our systems quickly and easily for different applications. Operating errors are virtually ruled out.
  • The AuditCheck function tests and documents detection in an automated process.
  • An exportable, password-protected system logbook or the option of directly connecting to the company network ensures the necessary exchange of data.
  • A menu-guided validation system enables quality control in line with HACCP, IFS and BRC standards.

Examples of rejection systems


Design and alternative configurations

Conveyor belt

The materials used meet the food industry’s hygiene requirements. We offer models for dry and wet use.

Variable unit sizes

Standard belt widths of 200 to 500 mm and effective aperture heights of 100 to 350 mm make it possible to check a wide range of products.

Different separation systems

In line with the different properties of the products that require inspection, different separation systems are available, including pushers, air-blast nozzles, swivel arms, retraction belts and reject flaps.


We offer the right options for housing and surface finish, even when it comes to special hygienic requirements and mechanical load.


The highly flexible design makes it possible to adapt the systems to meet the needs of your specific products and production set-up.


Metal detection system for conveyor belt applications
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Compact metal detection system for conveyor belt applications
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Metal detection system for customer-specifically adapted applications
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