Longer service life, maximum product quality

We want you to be able to rely on long-term maximum product quality. Benefit permanently from the maximum efficiency of your Sesotec machines and systems thanks to regular maintenance by trained Sesotec technicians. With our extensive range of maintenance services, your machine remains up to date.

Of course, we use only original spare parts in order to guarantee the maximum service life of your machines. Our service technicians check all relevant components at regular intervals and replace wearing parts. That means maximum productivity and efficiency in the long run. Regular maintenance of your devices and systems is often an important prerequisite for successful audits. Our service technicians check your device and issue corresponding maintenance certificates.

Planned or unplanned

Equipped for the future

We help you to ensure the performance of your system by:

  • Onsite service
  • In-house repair department
  • Refurbishment and repair
  • Predictive Maintenance with Artificial Intelligence
    Predictive maintenance – is the key to higher machine availability as well as process and performance improvements. To identify potential hazards before problems occur, predictive maintenance uses real-time data from interconnected. Actions are taken only when they are needed.

All roads lead to our customers

Supply routes entirely to suit your needs

Spare parts
Benefit from our comprehensive service for the procurement of spare parts for your device.

Advance replacement
Sesotec offers a fast and reliable service for the replacement of PCBs and computers - and merely for a flat-rate repair price.

Wearing part packages
We secure the availability of the relevant wearing parts for the entire lifecycle of the machine. Additionally we provide adapted services based on your production requirements in order to ensure that you always have all wearing parts in stock, thus guaranteeing production free from interruptions