Contaminant detection for nappies, cotton wool and similar products

Nappies, tampons, tissues and similar hygiene products come into direct contact with people’s bodies. Contaminants, especially pieces of metal, can result in injury. In turn, manufacturers face the risk of recalls, claims for damages and a tarnished reputation. We have the right detection systems to minimise these risks.

Sesotec specialises in systems for industrial contaminant detection. We provide a complete range of leading technology that includes metal detectors for a wide variety of applications.

They reliably detect metallic contaminants and automatically remove affected products, regardless of whether the metals are magnetic, such as iron, or not, such as copper, aluminium and brass.

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Why is contaminant detection important in the production of hygiene products?

Consumer protection has the highest priority with regard to items that come into direct bodily contact, such as nappies, liners and cotton wool pads. Metallic contaminants can result in injury, product recalls and claims for damages, not to mention harm a brand’s image. The use of metal detectors is therefore key to assuring product quality.


What challenges does contaminant detection face in the production of hygiene products?

Maximum detection precision is essential for being able to detect even the smallest pieces of metal in the products. Our metal detectors live up to this demand. Thanks to cutting-edge multi-frequency inductive technology and smart signal analysis, they achieve outstanding sensitivity.

What kinds of contaminants could appear?

The most frequent contaminants in hygiene products are pieces of metal. They can come from various sources:

  • Contaminants in the raw material (e.g. cellulose balls are often held together by wires that can break off and end up in the balls)
  • Wear and breakage of processing machines and blades
  • Link belt breakage


Where do manufacturers of hygiene products use our machines?

Usually for quality assurance of outgoing goods. Our metal detectors check the already packaged products for such items as the following:

  • Nappies
  • Sanitary towels
  • Tampons
  • Cotton wool pads
  • Cotton buds
  • Tissues
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