Contaminant detection in the chemical industry

The chemical industry includes many different manufacturing processes, from cleaning agents and surfactants to silicates. Sesotec contaminant detection systems ensure that production and further processing proceed free from any impurities or contaminants.

For decades, Sesotec has specialised in systems for industrial contaminant detection. We provide a technologically perfected range of metal detectors, which enable the reliable detection and removal of contaminants in the chemical industry.

The degree of purity that our machines help achieve in the production process prevents customer complaints and damage to machinery.

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Why is contaminant detection important in the chemical industry?

The detection of metals in particular has become a key aspect of responsible production. Firstly, protecting processing machines during the production process is important in order to prevent damage to machinery and subsequent costs. Secondly, metal contaminants could also adversely affect or even halt chemical processes.


How do Sesotec metal detectors help?

Sesotec metal detectors can detect all types of metals and protect processing machines, such as mills, against damage and breakdowns.

What kinds of contaminants could appear?

Pieces of metal are the most frequent type of contaminant in the chemical industry. These contaminants might already be found in the raw materials that are delivered or wind up in the product during production, for example through machine wear, mill breakage, slough, etc.


Where are Sesotec machines and systems used in the chemical industry?

Our machines and systems make it possible to check products in goods receiving and during processing for metallic contaminants and to safely remove such material. Sesotec provides solutions for many types of conveyance, such as vacuum and pressure conveyance or free-fall designs.


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