Metal detectors for conveyor belts and chutes

Regardless of whether you manufacture or process food, plastics or other products, our tunnel and flat metal detectors readily integrate into all production lines for piece and bulk goods. Once installed there, they help reliably protect consumers and machines from metallic contaminants.

Tunnel metal detectors enclose a conveyor belt, while flat metal detectors are attached underneath conveyor belts or chutes. They detect metallic contaminants, regardless of metal type and whether the contaminant is exposed or embedded in the product. More information on how Sesotec metal detectors work is available here.      
That's what distinguishes our products

Easy to use

Highest detection accuracy

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Easy installation

The benefits in detail

  • Multi-simultaneous-frequency technology and digital signal processing ensure optimum detection across the entire tunnel or contact area.
  • Smart sensitivity adjustment and a high level of resistance to interference help avoid erroneous activation.
  • Touch displays with intuitive navigation enable you to configure our systems quickly and easily for different applications. Operating errors are virtually ruled out.
  • The AuditCheck function tests and documents detection in an automated process.
  • An exportable, password-protected system logbook or the option of directly connecting to the company network ensures the necessary exchange of data.
  • Robust and hygienic housing (up to protection class IP66 / 69K) enables easy cleaning.
  • Our systems therefore meet industry guidelines, such as the International Food Standard.

Product example INTUITY

Design and alternative configurations 

Tunnel metal detectors

enclose the conveyor belt or material chute, and they are suitable for production heights over 100 mm. They are available with differently sized apertures.

Flat metal detectors

are located under the conveyor belt and are suitable for flat products up to 100 mm.


We offer the right options for housing and surface finish, even when it comes to special hygienic requirements and mechanical load.


Metal detector with multi-simultaneous-frequency technology
Product Brochure

Metal detector with multi-frequency technology
Product Brochure

Metal detector for installation in conveyor belt systems
Product Brochure

Splittable metal detector for installation in conveyor belt systems
Product Brochure

Plate-type metal detector with integrated skid plate for installation in conveyor belt systems
Product Brochure

Plate-type metal detector for installation in conveyor belt systems
Product Brochure


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