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Metal detection systems for pneumatic conveyance

Metallic contaminants in plastic granulate, regrind, flour or breadcrumbs can lead to blocked nozzles and filters, damaged machines or impure final products. Our metal detectors for pneumatic applications provide optimum protection against interruptions to production, downtime and customer complaints.

Our metal detection systems can be integrated quickly and easily into existing vacuum or pressure conveyor pipes. Even at high conveying speeds and temperatures, they reliably remove contaminants from pneumatically conveyed bulk goods with minimal loss of material for the plastics-processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. More information on how Sesotec metal detectors and separators work is available here.

That's what distinguishes our products
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Easy to use

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Highest detection accuracy

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Easy cleaning and maintenance

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Easy installation

The benefits in detail

  • Thanks to quick-lock couplings and flanges, our metal detectors are extremely easy to integrate into piping systems, regardless of whether they are positioned vertically, horizontally or at an angle.
  • They remove metallic contaminants without interrupting the flow of the conveyed material or reducing the conveying speed.
  • They function reliably even at high conveying speeds and temperatures.
  • The two-channel technology provides the highest sensitivity to all metals, regardless of whether they are magnetic or not, even when they are embedded in the product.
  • Digital signal processing guarantees optimum security in line with EU directives.
  • Preset operating parameters mean the control units are extremely easy to operate.
  • An exportable, password-protected system logbook or the option of directly connecting to the company network ensures the necessary exchange of data.
  • Our metal detection systems feature an auto-learn function to best compensate for the intrinsic conductivity of the inspected material.
  • ATEX-compliant versions up to zone 20 are available. 

Functional principle

Product example GF

Design and alternative configurations 

Simple and easy assembly

All components come pre-assembled, and the assembly frame ensures quick and easy installation. A compact design also helps you save space.

Separation system

Thanks to its responsive shutter flap, the “Quick-Flap” separation unit safely removes metal particles even at high conveying speeds without interrupting the flow of the conveyed material. It also prevents leak air from entering the conveyor pipes. The entire separation mechanics, junctions and separation flap are made out of stainless steel (1.4301).

Different pipe diameters

Integration into already existing conveyor pipe systems with standard nominal widths up to 150 mm is possible without any issue thanks to quick-lock couplings and ventilation flanges.


Metal separator for pneumatic conveyor pipes
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GF 4000
Metal separator for pneumatic conveyor pipes with high hygienic requirements
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Contaminant Detection in the Meat Industry

Unser White Paper beschreibt einige der Herausforderungen, die sich in der Fleischindustrie hinsichtlich der Produktreinheit und -sicherheit ergeben und erklärt die verfügbaren Technologien, die für die Detektion von Fremdkörpern zur Verfügung stehen.

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Intuitive operation of a metal detector and its influence on the total cost of ownership

Our White Paper informs you about the criteria that need to be considered when you choose machines and systems for the protection against contaminants and for metal detection.

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Metal detector allows economic processing of regenerated material
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AZO uses Sesotec metal detectors for food

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Sitraplas: Risk-free recyclate processing

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OPC UA for production without machine downtime

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Product Purity. Optimal contaminant detection in the food industry.
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Metall-Separator für pneumatische Förderleitungen

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Product Brochures

GF 4000

Metall-Separator für pneumatische Förderleitungen in der Lebensmittelindustrie

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