Vocational training

Vocational training at Sesotec

Almost finished with school? If so, you are probably facing one of the most important questions of your life: What do I want to be? You of course have to find the answer to that yourself, but we can at least present the opportunities that you have at our company.

Here are some examples of skilled occupations we provide with vocational training:

  • Electronics technician
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Industrial business management assistant
  • Industrial business management assistant  for foreign languages
  • Warehouse logistics professional

The benefits of training ­with us

  • Sound vocational training with great variety
  • Innovative global company
  • Excellent prospects of being hired after the training programme


Application and contact ­details

If you are interested in one of the occupations listed, then email us your complete dossier (cover letter, CV in a tabular format, last school report and any internship certificates).

The contact person for applications, including any questions you may have, is:

Martina Burghart, phone +49 8554 3081832, bewerbung@sesotec.com.


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