Economy meets Ecology.

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K 2022.

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Sesotec at K 2022 - „Economy meets Ecology“


Climate protection, the circular economy and digitalisation - all three of these guiding themes at K 2022 go hand in hand at Sesotec.

Visitors of the Sesotec booth were able to experience live how efficiency and sustainability go together: Economy meets Ecology.

You missed the K 2022? Then you will find impressions of our booth as well as further information about our exhibited product highlights here.

At K 2022 we referred to the important global issues around sustainability, circular economy and CO2 reduction and showed how our contaminant detectors, material analysis and sorting systems and services can contribute to solving the challenges.

Manufacturing, processing, recycling - we look at the entire plastics value chain and aim to help our customers use as few resources as possible, increase production efficiency and profitability.

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Our highlights at K 2022:

Compared to conventional belt sorters, the VARISORT COMPACT sorting systems are characterised by a compact design with low space requirements and corresponding mobility. By means of an inductive metal sensor, all types of metal can be detected and sorted out. The colour and shape sensor allows differentiation of different coloured metals and colour and shape sorting for many other materials in the size range from 5 to 50 mm. With the help of the near-infrared sensor, different types of plastic can be separated from each other.

With PRE-SORT, the VARISORT COMPACT sorting unit, dedusting, material conveying and central control components are combined on one platform. Plastic regrinds are sorted according to colours, shapes, types of metal or types of plastic, depending on the requirements of the production line. This makes PRE-SORT an effective solution for sorting regrind. A unique feature is its mobility. Built on a mobile base, PRE-SORT can be used wherever the platform is needed.

Companies that produce new granulate from recyclate use the FLAKE SCAN material analysis system in incoming goods inspection. In recycling, the device is used by quality laboratories in the outgoing goods inspection. In both areas, manual analyses have been carried out up to now, which take a lot of time and whose results are not reproducible. With FLAKE SCAN, on the other hand, reports on the composition of the plastic types and on off-colour components can be produced within a few minutes in consistently high quality and with reproducible results.

Even the smallest metal particles in the plastic melt are often the cause of costly malfunctions during injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding. With the increasing processing of regranulates and regrind, the proportion of these metal impurities is rising. Clogged nozzles, filters and hot runner systems often enough lead to production stoppages, downtimes and delivery delays. The GF metal separator is used in suction or pressure feed lines to protect injection moulds and processing machines.

It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ...) - even if they are enclosed in the product. Metal contaminants are separated out via the separating unit ("Quick-Flap").

Granule loss in production means a reduction in productivity for manufacturers and processors of plastics, in addition to the subsequent impact on the environment. Material rejected by metal separators contains a high proportion of metal contaminants and must be disposed of, which means additional costs and loss of value. With the new RE-SORT metal separation unit, contaminated plastic granulate can be reliably cleaned of metal foreign bodies and recovered for reuse in production.

When the regenerated material, regrind etc. is fed to the metal separation unit within the central material handling system, RE-SORT functions as a metal pre-cleaning station. As a compact and mobile stand-alone unit, the unit is used throughout the production and material storage areas.

The PROTECTOR metal separator is installed directly above the material intake of an injection moulding machine, extruder or blow moulding machine. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ...) - even if they are enclosed in the product. Metal contaminants are separated out via the separating unit ("Quick-Valve")

The metal separator RAPID VARIO-FS is used to inspect bulk materials in free-fall conveying lines. Due to the separate design of the detection and separation units, the position of the bad outlet can be rotated according to the position of the collecting vessel.

It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ...) - even if they are enclosed in the product. Metal impurities are separated out via the reject flap ("Quick Flap"). The RAPID VARIO-FS metal separator is mainly used in industries with low hygienic requirements.

On a new level -

Artificial intelligence (AI) changes service and
maintenance in the plastics industry sustainably

In order to optimally meet the requirements of our customers in the plastics industry for more plant availability, transparency, automation and profitability, we have expanded our core competence in the field of AI.

In the service sector, for example, we offer a range of services to help customers take the efficiency, productivity and connectivity of plastics plants - whether in production, processing or recycling - to a new level.

One example of this is "Predictive Maintenance". The maintenance solution analyses real-time data from networked machines and plants and processes the information. Timely intervention before a "standstill" occurs becomes possible. This helps to improve overall plant effectiveness, increase production and reduce costs.

The device dashboards, which can be called up via web browser, celebrated their premiere at K 2022. Based on Sesotec's decades of experience combined with the latest methods of artificial intelligence, customers have the most important figures, data and facts at a glance.

Process optimization, planning reliability, production and quality control: Economy meets Ecology through digital and predictive services.

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