Purity is value.

Precisely sort plastic flakes with the

Purity is essential to the quality of recycled plastics. This is especially true for food-grade applications, such as bottle-to-bottle recycling processes, in which purity standards are particularly high.

Multi-sensor sorting systems are an optimal solution with key advantages:

  • High material purity to fulfill even the strictest quality requirements
  • High material throughput for greater profitability
  • Minimal loss of good material for higher efficiency

 The automated precision sorting system FLAKE PURIFIER+ ensures the highest quality in flake material streams.
Other polymer types, false colors, and metal impurities are
reliably separated to make the entire recycling process more
efficient, precise, and profitable.


  • Material throughput rates as high as 3,8 t/h
  • Option to integrate recovery system to reduce the loss of good material
  • Upgrade sensors at any time


  • A single system reliably sorts polymers by type and color while detecting metals and foreign objects
  • Achieve up to 99.999% purity in sorted fractions
  • An improvement over conventional NIR technology, HYPERSPECTRAL imaging allows for simultaneous sorting of multiple foreign plastics
  • Minimal loss of good material


  • Excellent sorting results, even with poor-quality materials
  • High system availability with only minimal cleaning and maintenance required
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Profitable sorting process

Polymer type detection (N-sensor)

The hyperspectral Sesotec N-sensor (near infrared) with halogen illumination offers a proven solution for high-end recycling applications such as bottle-to-bottle, tray-to-tray, and other sorting tasks involving food-grade plastics. The highly precise sensor reliably detects many different types of foreign plastics: from labels (PVC), to caps (HDPE, PP), to PET-family plastics (e.g. PET-G). This wide range of plastics is simultaneously sorted out from the material flow of valuable materials. The hyperspectral camera is static, meaning the N-sensor will not accumulate much wear and tear, helping to save maintenance and repair costs.

Best of all: the sorting process is highly efficient. The static N-sensor is capable of extremely high scanning rates, achieving throughput rates of up to 3.8 t/h.


Color detection (C-sensor)

The Sesotec C-sensor achieves color detection by means of a dedicated camera system. This sensor can be adjusted to perform optimally for the sorting task at hand. Innovative LED illumination enables an economical and reliable sorting process. It is even possible to detect opaque-white TiO2-flakes.


Metal detection (M-sensor)

The Sesotec M-sensor reliably detects even the tiniest metal contaminants, regardless of their magnetic properties. Built into this sensor is Sesotec’s 40-year history of excellence in metal detection for diverse industries. The M-sensor is precise, robust, and reliable.


  • Flexible combination of up to three sensors in only one system for low investment costs (N = Near Infrared, C = Color/Shape, M = Metal)
  • Valve grid of 3.2 mm with 320 or 400 individually controllable valves for minimum loss of good material
  • Working widths of 1024 or 1280 mm (4/5 vibratory feeders) for higher throughput rates
  • Precise separation due to minimum distance between material and sensors
  • Sensor-specific light sources: Halogen (NIR), LED (color) with automated cooling guarantee high material purity
  • Incident and transmitted light unit for best possible color recognition
  • Dust-protected design (control cabinet included in the reject housing) reduces maintenance requirements
  • Operation via touch display with intuitive menu navigation
  • Optional connection set for optimal material feed with level sensors
  • Connection for extraction unit
  • Ionization bar to neutralize electrostatic charges of the material
  • Low energy consumption
  • Robust, high-quality sorting system for long service life, almost maintenance-free

VISUDESK visualization software

With optional VISUDESK visualization software, you can see all process and usage data from your Sesotec sorting and metal detection devices in one comprehensive dashboard. This is possible by means of an OPC UA machine communication protocol implemented in each device as well as your company server. The browser-based interface is accessible both on desktop and mobile.

This dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your entire sorting line as well as information about specific groups of devices, enabling you to quickly create equipment configurations and automate product changes.

Seamless backwards compatibility is possible via established VISUTEC protocols. Customizable e-mail and text alerts keep you informed about critical developments in the machine status.

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