The Lifetime Warranty Package

A life insurance for your X-ray inspection system

Challenges in the use of
x-ray inspection systems

The core components of a x-ray scanner are the x-ray source and the detector.

The lifetime of these components is limited and an unexpected failure presents you with expensive challenges:

  • You have to spend the cost of replacing the parts.
  • Your line suddenly stops. In addition to the cost of production downtime, there are usually expensive emergency calls by service technicians. After all, you want to resume production as quickly as possible. But after the spare parts have been installed, the unit has to be approved again by local authorities before it can be put back into operation. So a failure quickly causes a week of downtime and high costs..

Our Lifetime Warranty Package solves exactly this challenge

Reliable line availability and process continuity

With the Lifetime Warranty Package, unexpected failures are a thing of the past. Your line availability and process continuity are assured.

Full cost control, no downtime costs

You have constant, fully calculable costs, prevent downtime costs and expensive emergency operations.

Permanently highest detection performance

Since the detector loses performance over the running time, timely replacement ensures permanently optimal detection accuracy. 

Which services does the Lifetime Warranty
Package include?

  • Service contract with a term of at least 5 years subsequently extended by one year if it is not terminated.
  • Fixed annual costs
  • Continuous warranty on x-ray source and detector, for the duration of the contract (up to lifetime)
  • Annual maintenance of the complete unit with:
    • Check of the complete unit including the wearing parts
    • Precautionary replacement of source and detector depending on operating hours (parts price already included!)
    • Radiation protection test
    • Parameter setting
    • Device backup
    • Maintenance certificate for audit purposes
    • Free software update regarding operation and software features

Does the Lifetime Warranty Package pay off?

The cost advantage of the Lifetime Warranty Package is best illustrated by the example of an x-ray unit in a packaging line: 2-shift operation, 4,300 hours per year, 10 years running time.

Without the Lifetime Warranty Package you have irregular spare part costs and high unplanned downtime costs that increase your average operating costs.

With the Lifetime Warranty Package your annual costs always remain the same and can be optimally planned, you have no unplanned downtime costs. This gives you an average cost advantage of 20% over the entire contract period.

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