Purity is value.

Precisely sort plastic flakes with the

Purity is essential to the quality of recycled plastics. This is especially true for food-grade applications, such as bottle-to-bottle recycling processes, in which purity standards are particularly high.

Multi-sensor sorting systems are an optimal solution with key advantages:

  • High material purity to fulfill even the strictest quality requirements
  • High material throughput for greater profitability
  • Minimal loss of good material for higher efficiency

 The automated precision sorting system FLAKE PURIFIER+ ensures the highest quality in flake material streams.
Other polymer types, false colors, and metal impurities are
reliably separated to make the entire recycling process more
efficient, precise, and profitable.


  • Material throughput rates as high as 3,8 t/h
  • Option to integrate recovery system to reduce the loss of good material
  • Upgrade sensors at any time


  • A single system reliably sorts polymers by type and color while detecting metals and foreign objects
  • Achieve up to 99.999% purity in sorted fractions
  • An improvement over conventional NIR technology, HYPERSPECTRAL imaging allows for simultaneous sorting of multiple foreign plastics
  • Minimal loss of good material


  • Excellent sorting results, even with poor-quality materials
  • High system availability with only minimal cleaning and maintenance required
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Profitable sorting process

Three steps to your flexible sorting system:


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