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Mar 02, 2018 | Sesotec

Snack Producer selects Sesotec food metal detector

„180 Degrees“ use metal detector for the inspection of their food products

180 Degrees is a rapidly growing Auckland company producing a range of baked biscuits, snacks and crackers. With export markets really taking off, 180 Degrees have begun a major investment programme to expand production capacity and improve the efficiency of their plant.

Quality is the big driver behind 180 Degrees investment programme, so it was a priority for company director Nigel Cranston to make sure 180 Degrees had the best available metal detection technology in place.

After looking at all the options 180 Degrees selected a Sesotec Varicon+ metal detector supplied by Reynolds Group, featuring a C-SCAN GHF multi-frequency detector tunnel. This provided the best possible level of detection for all metal types across the full range of products, and extremely easy set-up and operation.  

The VARICON+ metal detection system detects all metal contaminants (ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel) – even when enclosed in the product. Designed for a wide range of packaged and unpackaged products. 

The VARICON+D series is designed for dry areas, the VARICON+W series for more hostile environments. VARICON+ systems are equipped with the GENIUS+ Control Unit and either a GLS or a C-SCAN GHF search head.


  • Space efficient metal detector individual and packaged goods up to 50 kg
  • Enhanced easy clean hygienic design
  • Available with a wide range of detector heads
  • High stability, precision inline metal detection with very short metal-free zone (MFZ)
  • Compliant with BRC, IFS and HACCP standards
  • Dry and wet environment versions

Nigel noted, “We have worked with Reynolds Group for our coding requirements for many years, and knowing that our new quality control systems are supported by such a great partner is reassuring.”

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