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Jan 01, 2018 | Sesotec

Machinery protection at Starlinger

Metal detectors prevent damage to recycling machines

About Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m. b H.

Austrian company Starlinger GmbH is a  global market leaders in the field of machinery and process technology for woven plastic sacks.

Since 1987 the company has manufactured and supplied recycling lines for plastics, and in 2002 established the  "recycling technology" division. This division includes innovative machine solutions for the efficient recycling of a wide range of plastics including PE, PP, PA, PS, PET, and others.

Starlinger employs new recycling technologies and a well proven and established machinery concept and since the beginning this concept has included metal detectors from Sesotec.


Plastic shredding is the first step in the recycling process and at this stage since metal contamination can cause damage to  downstream modules reliable metal detection is therefore indispensable. Consistent metal separation prior to shredding reduces malfunctions and increases the profitability of the recycling lines and for this purpose Sesotec C-SCAN DLS type detectors are used and are mounted over the conveyor system prior to the shredder.


C-SCAN DLS detectors will detect magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants even if they are embedded in the product and by removing contamination prior to the process reduce costs due to machine damage and production downtime, guarantee product quality, and protect against customer complaints. C-SCAN DLS metal detectors can offer a rapid return on investment.

Customer Benefit

C-SCAN DLS metal detectors offer many advantages: They prevent metals from reaching cutting machines and thus avoid wear and broken cutting tools. They reduce downtimes and maintenance costs, they improve the quality and value of the cut material, they reduce malfunctions and off-times in downstream processing machines, and they minimise quality defects and reject rates in recycled plastic materials.


Andreas Pechhacker, technical manager of Starlinger "recycling technology" is very satisfied with the result: "Starlinger has used Sesotec metal detectors for several years. The systems are highly robust, offer flexible installation capability, and operate with outstanding reliability. Return on investment is ensured in a very short time because the blades of the agglomerator or single shaft cutter and downstream extruder screws are protected. Expensive repairs are a thing of the past. Sesotec metal detectors help us reach our objective of ecological and economic efficiency and sustainability – from the raw material to the woven sack, and back to the recycled material again."

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Machinery protection at Starlinger  

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