The first metal separator specifically for
the needs of resin and compound manufacturers

What requirements do resin and compound manufacturers
have for metal separators?


Compound manufacturers must be able to reliably detect even the smallest metal parts to prevent machine damage and metal inclusions in the granulate. Metal separators must therefore have high detection accuracy.

Fast cleaning for colour and material changes

With frequent colour and material changes, it is important that the metal separator is reliably cleaned to ensure the quality of subsequent batches. In addition, the cleaning process must be as quick and easy as possible to keep plant downtimes to a minimum.

Use with abrasive materials

When abrasive materials are used, parts in contact with the product are usually subject to high wear. For this reason, metal separators for compound manufacturers must be specially designed for this requirement and be as wear-resistant as possible.

...this is exactly what the new RAPID PRO-SENSE 6 offers

Quality assurance

The RAPID PRO-SENSE 6 detects and separates the smallest metal parts. This enables you to achieve a consistently high product quality and avoid complaints due to metal inclusions. An integrated logbook function also ensures the traceability of batches.

Process reliability

The RAPID PRO-SENSE 6 can be cleaned easily, quickly and without tools. And that even in complex installation situations. This allows you to change colours and materials quickly. Optionally, the RAPID PRO-SENSE 6 also offers integrated washing nozzles for automatic cleaning.

Economic efficiency

Short cleaning times increase the up-time, reduce personnel costs, increase line availability and make your plant more economical. With the optional washing nozzles, you also reduce manual effort. A special, wear-resistant design prevents damage to parts in contact with the product, thus saving costs for spare parts.

Product features:

  • Highest detection accuracy
  • Nominal diameter 50 mm - 250 mm
  • Toolless opening and cleaning of reject unit (patent pending)
  • Option: automatic cleaning function with washing nozzles (patent pending)
  • No sealing gaskets in contact with the product (silicone-free)
  • High level of operating convenience through use of the GENIUS ONE control unit with logbook function
  • Wear-resistant design optionally available
  • Ethernet interface (IOT-ready) included as standard

Tool-free cleaning and easy maintenance of the reject mechanism.

The ability to open and clean the metal separator quickly and easily without tools is just as unique as the optionally available automatic cleaning function with integrated washing nozzles. Therefore, both features are already patent pending.

Highest detection accuracy with HRF technology (High Resolution Frequency).

The detection unit of the RAPID PRO-SENSE 6 works extremely accurately and detects even the smallest metallic contaminants. This ensures your product quality and protects you from complaints due to metal inclusions.

Electronic Control Unit GENIUS ONE with 5'' colour touch screen (Industry 4.0-ready / IOT-ready).

The brand new control unit GENIUS ONE is part of the standard equipment of the RAPID PRO-SENSE 6. With a 5'' colour touch screen, it is intuitive to operate and offers an integrated logbook function for tracing product batches. An Ethernet interface, also included as standard, makes the unit "Industry 4.0-ready".

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