Driving Impact

What drives us

Between the growing world population and a global rise in standards of living, society and industry are facing unprecedented challenges:

  • The demand for industrially manufactured products is rising, but available resources are limited.
  • Ecology, economics and ethics demand sustainable management, while the pressure for higher productivity and profitability is increasing.
  • Global competition and stricter regulations increase the pressure for technological innovation.
  • The rapid expansion of global networking has made business more transparent, thus heightening the importance of a company's image.

Our customers bear a great responsibility. As essential businesses, they must rise to these challenges as they create added value for people and the environment.

Our intelligent technologies and services for foreign object detection, material sorting and analysis enable our customers to create safe, efficient production processes that comply with regulations.

Our strategy

In order to achieve our aim, we focus on three key aspects in our corporate strategy:

Collaboration: collaborating with customers and institutions, and ensuring teamwork within the Sesotec organisation.

Simplification: eliminating waste across the entire value chain and simplifying business processes.

Innovation: customer-driven (co-creation) and market-driven innovation, as well as the ongoing evolution of the existing product portfolio.

Customers from very different industries value our solutions.
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