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The Sesotec Service

Help when, where and how you need it

To ensure that your Sesotec systems run as long and reliably as possible – or get up and running again quickly in the event of a breakdown – Sesotec service is there to help: around the clock and around the globe, tailored to your needs.

Short downtimes, safe production systems, and long-term investment and planning security are precisely what our international network of outstanding service technicians work to ensure. From our service centers located around the world, they handle your requests quickly and reliably, no matter where your Sesotec systems are in operation. It goes without saying that we use only original spare parts to guarantee the maximum service life of your machines.

Service Hotlines

Hotline Product Inspection
+49 (0) 8554 - 308 173

Hotline Sorting
+49 (0) 8554 - 308 129

Sesotec Service Center

Industriestraße 5
94513 Schönberg

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