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Food Safety Solutions for HACCP

Inspection of unpackaged meat products

X-ray Inspection for the future

Design study on X-ray technology for unpackaged meat products:
Join us in redefining the future!

One of the pillars of our corporate strategy is collaboration. That is why we want to use IFFA as an opportunity to talk to you about the future demands facing X-ray machines for unpackaged meat products.

Seize this opportunity to look at current issues and trends with us. To illustrate what the future holds in store, we have developed a transparent prototype of an X-ray machine for unpackaged meat products which we can use to explore details and understand your requirements for future solutions.

When? 4–9 May 2019

Where? Sesotec trade fair stand (Hall 9.1, Stand C58)


Among other things, we would like to discuss the following issues with you:  

Compliance with food guidelines

  • Using X-ray systems according to IFS and HACCP guidelines
  • Contaminant management
  • Critical control points in your usage

Options for use

  • Contaminant detection
  • Fat analysis
  • Plastic detection
  • Material handling


  • Hygiene-Design
  • EHEDG hygienic guidelines
  • Ease of cleaning


We look forward to exiting discussions with you!

Our strategic pillars
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Metalldetektor für Lebensmittel mit Wurst und Fleisch auf Förderband

Inspection of packaged meat products

For decades, Sesotec has specialised in systems for industrial contaminant detection. We provide a complete range of leading technology that includes metal detectors and X-ray systems for the reliable detection and removal of contaminants. Our machines and systems of course comply with the special hygienic requirements of the food industry and meet the prescribed standards for audits.

VARICON+: metal detector for packaged meat products

At IFFA, we will present the VARICON+ metal detection system, featuring the integrated INTUITY metal detection coil for inspecting packaged meat products. The system detects all metal contaminants, such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium – even those completely hidden inside the product. It is mainly used to inspect outgoing goods or to perform inline inspection during packaging, weighing and labelling.

Your benefits:

  • Complies with, and even exceeds, the requirements for metal detectors pursuant to International Food Standards and comparable guidelines in the food industry
  • The automatic audit check software provides notification of the required validations.
  • All events are recorded in the system logbook
  • Logbook data can be transmitted to storage media through a USB port. Optional direct connection to a company network by means of the INSIGHT.NET software solution and the corresponding interface
  • Product signal graph shows the product signals over time and shows changes in the product signal
  • Improved detection performance thanks to multi-simultaneous frequency technology
  • Elimination of product effects (clear signals)
  • Ball size forecast to verify the sensitivity settings prognosis
  • Durable hardware, suitable for daily washing
  • 7“ touch display and USB port on the control panel
  • Robust construction (electronics and coil)
  • Optional Ethernet connection
  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning

RAYCON EX1: affordable starter X-ray system for inspecting packaged meat products

The RAYCON EX1 system is part of Sesotec's product portfolio and an easy and affordable introduction to X-ray inspection. In particular, the system is suitable for end-of-line inspection of packaged products up to 200 mm in width and 120 mm in height.

With a short installation length of only 800 mm and an Ethernet connection, the RAYCON EX1 can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines. With the help of low-energy X-ray technology, the system makes a long-term contribution to efficient and environmentally friendly use while enabling high detection accuracy for contaminants such as stainless steel, glass or stones larger than 0.6 mm. The system is easy to integrate, operate, maintain and clean.

Easy installation.

Easy operation.

Easy maintenance.

Easy decision.

  Find out more about all of our machines for inspecting meat ­products ­here

New "Lifetime Warranty" package

Our new "Lifetime Warranty" package for X-ray systems

At IFFA, our service staff will present the new Lifetime Warranty package for X-ray systems to you. This service package offers you a lifetime warranty extension on X-ray tubes and detectors!

The benefit for you: you can continue production with maximum value creation and retain cost control over the entire lifetime.

With our new service package, we ensure that our customers with RAYCON D+ and RAYCON EX1 X-ray scanners can constantly produce flawless products. Unplanned machine downtimes, costs of breakdown and costs of quarantine store are a thing of the past.

With "Lifetime Warranty"-Package
  • Full cost control within product lifetime
  • Predictive Maintenance

Without "Lifetime Warranty"-Package

  • Unplanned costs due to downtime
  • Non-inspected packages need to be re-investigated and stored (storage costs)
  • Costs for re-inspection of products (time)

Visit us at IFFA 2019 and let our service experts advise you on the new "Lifetime Warranty" package!

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