Food Safety is our passion.
Anytime and Anywhere.

Our highlights at 
interpack 2023.

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Sesotec at interpack 2023 -
„Food Safety is our passion.
Anytime and Anywhere.“

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In order to be able to meet the demand for safe food, food manufacturers and processors are dependent on functioning process technology. A decisive criterion here is the detection and separation of metals, foreign bodies and quality defects.

The visitors of our interpack booth could discover how our intelligent product inspection technologies and services enable compliance, profitability and resource conservation.

Our highlights at interpack 2023:

The RAYCON D+ HX LW Hygienic is our curtain-free high-end model specially designed for inspecting unpackaged products such as fresh, chilled or frozen meat products.

  • Has a 0.4 mm detector with a detection accuracy from 0.3 mm
  • Thanks to high belt speeds up to 300 products per minute can be inspected in real time
  • The RAYCON D+ HX LW Hygienic has an X-ray source with 200 W (40 - 60 KV / 3,3 - 5,0 mA)

RAYCON EX 1 is a solution that offers maximum performance and ease of use at a moderate price. For all food manufacturers and processors who value a balanced relationship between price, performance and quality.

  • Has a 0.8 mm detector with a detection accuracy from 0.6 mm
  • Thanks to high belt speeds of up to 1.4 m/sec. up to 900 products per minute can be inspected in real time
  • The RAYCON EX1 has an X-ray source with 60 W (40 - 50 KV / 1,25 - 1,5 mA)


The INTUITY metal detector with THiNK technology based on artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative metal detectors on the market. Especially in difficult applications, such as meat products, which have a high intrinsic conductivity, conventional metal detectors reach their limits. INTUITY THiNK makes it possible to almost completely suppress the product effect and thus achieve extremely high sensitivities even in these applications. At the same time, false triggering is avoided, thus minimising food waste.  


The conveyor belt solution VARICON+ GLS MF works with multi-frequency technology and is the standard model for inspecting piece goods and bulk goods on a conveyor belt with very good detection accuracy. Sesotec will be presenting the GLS MF tunnel metal detector with a 7-inch display together with the new Insight.HMI software. The associated advantages: Permanent machine and product overview, extended links for daily use, configurable dashboards according to the user role and increased ease of use (optimized operator guidance and control of devices via mobile device, particularly advantageous if a device is difficult to access).


The RAPID 5000 metal separator is used to inspect bulk materials in free-fall conveying lines. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ...) - even if they are enclosed in the product. It helps food companies ensure the purity of free-falling bulk materials such as herbs, tea, spices, chemical additives, flour and sugar.

Our GF 4000 was specially developed for use in horizontal as well as vertical pneumatic conveying systems with high hygienic requirements. It reliably detects and separates magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants from bulk materials, powders and granulates. This precise inspection ensures conformity with all important food regulations.

The GF 4000 is equipped with automatic function test monitoring. Automatic feeding of the test pieces significantly shortens the test window and thus your downtimes and increases productivity.

Our metal detection systems for liquid and pasty products can be quickly and easily integrated into existing piping systems and connected to all common vacuum fillers, pumps, clipper systems and sausage meat filling systems. Thanks to various selectable separation systems, they guarantee safe and efficient rejection of all metallic contaminants.


On a new level -

Software and service solutions
for compliant food production

Compliance Package

Food safety is a central aspect of the global
food industry. The delivery of defective products can have unpleasant consequences for the manufacturer. It can lead to expensive recalls or recourse claims and have a negative impact on the company's image.

We want to relieve you of this worry and help you ensure the best possible food safety. Our high-end Sesotec devices detect a wide range of foreign bodies in food quickly and reliably. But that's not all: some of our new devices also come with the Compliance Package. The innovative software for and efficient documentation of food production ensures that food is produced in compliance with regulations.

Learn more about the Compliance Package here!


How can you ensure that your production processes and machines work properly - and preferably around the clock?

Quite simply: by having all relevant machine data at a glance. Our artificial intelligence-based Smart Data Management helps you predict maintenance dates and communicates important changes and warnings in a simple and unmissable way. With our optional visualisation software, you are always on the safe side.

Based on Sesotec's decades of experience combined with the latest methods of artificial intelligence, customers have the most important figures, data and facts at a glance. Process optimisation, planning reliability, production and quality control: Food Safety is our passion. Anytime and Anywhere.

Metal detection with artificial intelligence

Especially with foodstuffs that have a strong "product effect", i.e. have a certain intrinsic conductivity, conventional metal detectors reach their limits. This is the case, for example, with meat, fish and dairy products. Metallised packaging has also posed a problem up to now.

With THiNK - the new software for metal detectors based on artificial intelligence - these "interfering signals" can be faded out much better in the metal detection of food than with conventional metal detectors.

Learn more about our solutions with Artificial Intelligence here!


In the service area, we offer a range of services that help customers take the efficiency, productivity and connectivity of food lines to a new level - be it in incoming goods, during production or in outgoing goods.

One example is Predictive Maintenance. The maintenance solution analyses real-time data from networked machines and plants and processes the information. Timely intervention before a "standstill" occurs becomes possible. This helps to improve overall plant effectiveness, increase production and reduce costs.

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