FLAKE PURIFIER+  - Improvements in details for increased precision in separation and for minimised loss of good material!

The FLAKE PURIFIER+ multi-sensor sorting system for plastics recycling is particularly suited for the sorting of plastic flakes such as PET, HDPE, or mixed plastic flakes. Due to the system's modular design several sensors can be combined for the precise and reliable sorting of coloured flakes, metals, and foreign plastics.

The new FLAKE PURIFIER+, for increased precision in the separation of accept and reject material.

Doubled number of air-blast nozzles

We have doubled the number of air-blast nozzles - the flakes to be separated are thus hit with highest precision, which results in a clearly reduced loss of good material.

Resort lane can be integrated

With the resort lane the separated reject material is sorted once again in a separate track in order to reclaim remains of good material. For you this offers two advantages: You have a higher yield of valuable material, and at the same time reduced costs for disposal because there is a lower amount of reject material.

Summarised advantages of the new FLAKE PURIFIER+:

  • Doubled number of air-blast nozzles for high hit accuracy
  • Easy to integrate resort lane
  • Modular system for individual sensor configuration
    - Colour sensor incl. shape detection
    - Material detection based on NIR (near infrared) technology
    - All-metal sensor
  • User-friendly design
    - Compact design
    - Adaptation of the housing form – easy maintenance / operation
    - Easy integration of material infeeding and material outfeeding
  • Efficient design
    - Material infeeding divided into several small, separately controlled conveyor trough modules
    - Dust-proof design for the protection of sensors, light units, and electronics modules
    - Integrated connections for dust and label extraction
  • Improved sorting
    - Optimised material infeeding for a more evenly distributed material flow and increased material throughput
    - Minimised distance between material and air-blast nozzles
  • New SesoDesk operating software combined with new octa-core technology
  • Minimum maintenance costs and low energy demand

The new SPEKTRUM SCOPE - For higher throughput capacity and higher material yield in glass recycling!

The glass sorting systems of the SPEKTRUM series separate cullet by colour and remove foreign materials such as ceramics, stone, porcelain (CSP) and metals. They are primarily used to improve the cullet quality in the recycling of hollow and flat glass. With a colour sorter high-quality single-colour fractions can be obtained from mixed-colour cullet. Special glass types also can be reliably separated.

At the IFAT the new SPEKTRUM SCOPE will be presented to trade visitors for the first time! This newly developed glass sorting system with NIR (near infrared) technology makes it possible to detect materials that cannot be differentiated by colour.  With an extended working width the system furthermore offers a clearly higher throughput capacity.

Detection of foreign materials of the same colour
Glass recyclers are facing the challenge of having to meet ever increasing quality requirements.  At the same time the glass fractions to be processed are more and more contaminated with unwanted foreign materials.  Especially plastics such as e.g. Plexiglas are difficult to detect with conventional systems. The SPEKTRUM SCOPE with high-resolution NIR cameras makes it possible to differentiate and reliably separate plastics and glass of the same colour.

Detection of different glass types
Special glass types also often are a great challenge in detection, but not for the new SPEKTRUM SCOPE which precisely and reliably detects e.g. heat-resistant special glass (borosilicate glass and others) and separates it from normal cullet.

Extended working width
Predecessor models of the SPEKTRUM SCOPE so far had two different working widths: 1024 mm and 1280 mm. With the SPEKTRUM SCOPE Sesotec now extends the working width of the SPEKTRUM series to 1536 mm. This allows even more flexibility with respect to the layout of glass recycling lines also for even higher throughput capacities.

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