Sesotec at the Fakuma 2021

Material purity in all process steps of the Circular Economy
12. - 16.10.2021  |  Messe Friedrichshafen |  Hall B1, Booth B1-1302

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Why you should visit us at Fakuma 2021

Profitable use of recyclate with the FLAKE SCAN

With the FLAKE SCAN analysis system, it takes only a few minutes to precisely determine the quality of plastic flakes and regrind.

Higher material efficiency with the new RE-SORT

With the new RE-SORT metal separation unit, highly contaminated plastic granulate can be reliably cleaned of metal contaminations and recovered for reuse in production.

Networked production with INTERLINK

With our new INTERLINK module, Sesotec devices can be integrated into central control systems via OPC UA, thus enabling a targeted increase in productivity through central process analysis.

Sesotec solutions for all process steps of the Circular Economy

Our product highlights at the Fakuma 2021

The guarantee of high quality of plastic flakes and regrind is crucial in determining whether plastic processors and manufacturers can profitably use and sell plastic recyclate.

Depending on how the recyclate will be used, but also as a means of evaluating the recycling sorting process, elaborate manual, visual, or thermal sample analyses are often necessary in order to assess the quality of a batch of materials. Such sample analyses are hardly representative, and furthermore require additional resources, costs, and time.

With the FLAKE SCAN analysis system, it takes only a few minutes to precisely determine the quality of plastic flakes and regrind.

Small metal particles in the plastic melting process often result in costly breakdowns of injection moulders, extruders and blow moulders. The quantity of such metal contaminants increases throughout the processing of regranulates and grinding stock. As a result, clogged nozzles, filters and hot channel systems can lead to production downtime and delayed delivery.

The metal separator GF is used in vacuum and pressure pipelines to protect injection moulders and converting machines.

It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.) – even when they are enclosed in the product. Metal contaminants are ejected via the “Quick-Flap” separation unit.

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