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Our Highlights at the IFFA 2022.

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Our Highlights at the
IFFA 2022

The new RAYCON D+ HX LW Hygienic

RAYCON D+ HX LW Hygienic is the high-end model for inspecting unpackaged products, such as fresh, chilled or frozen meat products. Therefore, this device is equipped with an innovative conveyor belt design that does not require curtains. It achieves the highest detection accuracies.

  • Has a 0.4 mm detector with a detection accuracy from 0.3 mm
  • Thanks to high belt speeds of up to 1.4 m/sec. up to 300 products per minute can be inspected in real time
  • The RAYCON D+ HX LW Hygienic has an X-ray source with 200 W (40 - 60 KV / 3,3 - 5,0 mA)

Metal Detection for filler applications -

The LIQUISCAN VF was specially developed for use in pump lines with high hygienic requirements. It reliably detects and separates magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants from liquid or pasty products and offers very good detection sensitivities even for products with high product effects. Thanks to its short installation length and optional quick-release fasteners, the metal separator can be easily attached to vacuum fillers and pumps. Various separating units ensure maximum flexibility and easy integration into complex line control systems.

The new Compliance Package -
Always compliant. Always safe.

Food safety is a key aspect of the global food industry. Delivery of defective products may cause unpleasant consequences for the manufacturer. It can lead to expensive recalls or recourse claims and have a negative impact on the company‘s image. We would like to relieve you of this concern and support you in finding the best possible approach to ensure food safety. Our Sesotec high-end devices detect quickly and reliably a wide variety of foreign bodies in food. But that’s not all: Some of our new devices also feature the Compliance Package, the innovative software for seamless and efficient documentation which guarantees the production of foodstuffs in compliance with the guidelines.

Learn more about the new Compliance Package at IFFA 2022!

The new 6P-Konzept

For the development of the new RAYCON generation, we had one major focus: your priorities. In-depth analysis and customer interviews revealed six main requirements for foreign object detection. With this as our basis, we intensively researched possible solutions. Thus, the Sesotec 6 Priority Concept was born as a way to offer practical answers to your challenges: 

Compliance | Safety | Hygiene | Efficiency | Operation | Service

For safe and highly efficient X-ray inspection.

Discover the new 6P-Concept now!

Metal Detection with Artificial Intelligence

The VARICON+ metal detection system with THiNK technology works on the basis of artificial intelligence. Particularly in the case of foodstuffs with a high product effect, it thus achieves significantly better detection accuracy than standard metal detectors. This leads to fewer false alarms, complaints and product recalls.

  • Precise metal detection
  • Compliance with legal regulations and private sector food standards
  • Economical
  • Reliable servicing

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