Connect and control.

VISUDESK - The new visualisation software for sorting systems

For operators of sorting and recycling plants, process data is essential for improving product quality and the efficiency of sorting and recycling processes.

With the help of such process data, targeted measures and decisions can be derived to increase process efficiency and minimise production line downtime.

VISUDESK, the new visualisation software for sorting machines, makes your sorting processes transparent and enables direct control for higher efficiency and higher profitability.

Higher Transparency

  • Browser-based dashboard for easy access via desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Central monitoring, visualisation, and control of sorting processes
  • Valuable reports and statistics to increase product quality and improve process efficiency
  • Clear visualisation of entire sorting lines
  • Adjustable e-mail notification in case of critical machine conditions

Maximum control

  • Integration of Sesotec sorting systems, analysis systems and metal detectors
  • Simple creation of system configurations and automatic product changeover
  • Secure data communication via OPC UA communication protocol
  • If required, Sesotec technicians provide expert support for process optimisation


  • Simple and fast optimisation of sorting processes
  • Data-driven decisions for continuous improvement
  • Enables crossline benchmarking
  • Enables preventive maintenance and reduction of downtime

The VISUDESK visualisation software communicates via OPC UA, can be retrofitted at any time and is of course also backwards compatible with Sesotec VISUTEC.

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