For manufacturers and processors of plastics, loss of granulate in production means a reduction in productivity in addition to the subsequent impact on the environment. When metal separators are used, the discharged material contains a high proportion of metal contaminants and thus cannot be reprocessed. The disposal of this material means additional costs and loss of value.

The solution is RE-SORT!

With the new metal separation unit, highly contaminated plastic granulate can be reliably cleaned of metal contaminants and recovered for reuse in production.



Enables recovery of good material from heavily contaminated material.


Detects and reliably separates magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants.


With RE-SORT, high-quality granulate that would otherwise have to be disposed of can simply be returned to production. This protects the environment and increases profitability.


The RE-SORT metal separation unit is used to examine heavily metal-contaminated bulk materials (e.g. material discharged by metal separators in the production line). The material is fed into the separating unit via a funnel. The material is separated by the vibrating chute. The material then passes through the EXTRACTOR magnet system and the RAPID-VARIO FS metal separator. This reliably removes all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants from the material. The cleaned granulate is available for further processing.

As a compact and mobile stand-alone device, the unit is used in the entire area of incoming goods, production and material storage.


Compact system with modular design and very good price-performance ratio.

High recovery rate of up to 98% due to coordinated combination of dosing, magnetic and metal separator

Also suitable for material cleaning during manual filling into small containers

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