Presentation of the WS Food standard a complete success
At the IFFA trade fair the newly developed  "WS Food" standard interface was presented to the trade press and to trade visitors. Both the presentation of results in the press conference and the practical demonstration at the trade fair stands of the participants and of the VDMA were an enormous success. S+S participated in the development as the only company from the field of metal detection technology and demonstrated the advantages of the new standard with the LIQUISCAN metal separator (for filler applications) and the VARICON metal detection system with conveyor belt.

What is WS Food?

On the initiative of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation) a project team was established in March 2009 with the aim of developing a standard IT concept that provides economically priced and efficient  
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VARICON metal detection system connected with
the newly developed WS-FOOD standard at the IFFA
data acquisition for the meat industry. The "WS Food" interface that was developed by this project group both describes the physical interface (network + protocol for linking the machines with a data acquisition system) and the data that are provided by the machines.

Why WS Food?

Using machines of different manufacturers in the production process frequently causes problems with data acquisition. So far a cost-intensive adaptation of different systems was therefore necessary to obtain a uniform data overview. The joint development of a standard for the full linking of all

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machines and systems by way of a uniform IT interface offers considerable advantages for all the parties concerned in the food-processing industry. Because a simplified integration of all the respective independent systems into the process chain means faster, easier, and more cost-efficient process control.  

Advantages of WS Food for food producers:

- meaningful data basis
- future-proof communication technology
- test tools for easy interface checking
- reliable and comparable information
- cost savings due to standardisation

An important development with the help of competent and practical project participants

The fact that renowned companies participated in the development of this standard alone demonstrates the immense importance of WS Food for the food industry. Meat processing companies, machine suppliers, system and consulting firms, and the FPI (Food Processing Initiative) all worked hand in hand to realise this project. As a VDMA member and as the only company from the metal detection technology sector S+S also participated in the development of the new standard interface. This interface is based on the long-established "Weihenstephan Standards" (WS) for bottling and packing systems and was correspondingly further developed by the project group. Hans-Werner Bellin, responsible technical officer at the VDMA and project manager, thinks that WS Food is an important development for the future of data acquisition in the field of food production. The new standard has the potential "to develop into a true milestone in this industry", says Bellin.

WS Food project participants:

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WS Food
Hermann Sammer, Development Manager at Sesotec.

"For Sesotec, WS Food is an extremely important step towards a standardised interface in the food industry: Equipment communication with the customer's system is essentially simplified, networking efforts are reduced to a minimum. Both the customer and the equipment manufacturer can thus concentrate on their core competences and save costs."