Food-sorting systems with chute

Do you want to enhance the quality of your products and eliminate the loss of material during the process of sorting bulk goods? Our food-sorting systems with chute ensure lower running costs and your customers’ complete satisfaction.

Our sorting systems are ideal for sorting bulk goods in the food industry. An extremely sturdy chute is used for the intake of goods. Optical sensors provide the software with high-resolution data. Using smart algorithms, the software identifies those goods that need to be removed. The final step involves their mechanical removal by way of air jets. More information on how Sesotec food-sorting systems work is available here.

That's what distinguishes our products

Easy to use

Highest detection accuracy

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Easy installation

The benefits in detail

  • The chute-based systems are ideal for bulk goods
  • They can be used immediately thanks to auto-calibration
  • Smart software differentiates between those goods that precisely match your requirements and those that do not
  • The systems can also be swiftly configured to tackle challenging tasks
  • They are controlled using an advanced user interface
  • They are easy to integrate into your production environment
  • The significant increase in product purity ensures greater customer satisfaction
  • Higher throughput levels, less loss of material and lower maintenance and expense mean considerable cost savings
  • Our food-sorting systems amortize swiftly

Application examples

Better results and higher throughput

Our leading food-sorting system technology with chute makes economic sense for a number of reasons. The special chutes facilitate very high throughput levels compared to conventional sorting machines with the same number of chutes. Thanks to their high quality, long service life and easy maintenance, these systems translate into savings. And most important of all: the first-rate sensors, sophisticated mechanical features and smart software mean that, in the end, you get exactly the kind of quality that will set your products apart on the market. This is one investment that really pays off.
Product example ASM VISION

Design and alternative configurations

The Sesotec food-sorting systems with chute are available in different dimensions geared entirely to your needs and have between one and six chutes. They feature high-resolution optical sensors operating in both the visible and infrared spectrum thanks to true-color and InGaAs technologies.


Optical sorting system for the food industry

Intelligent optical sorting system for the food industry
Product Brochure

Our Food-sorting systems with chute are manufactured by Sesotec ASM S.r.l., a fully owned subsidiary of the Sesotec GmbH (German Headquarter).

The company based in Bologna, Italy, has more than 30 years of experience in development and manufacturing of food sorting machines with optical sensors. Sesotec ASM thus is one of the most prominent suppliers in the field of food sorting.

For more information, visit the Sesotec ASM website


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